Technical application scheme of the hottest jacket

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Technical application scheme of jacketed glass reactor

brief introduction to the characteristics of double glass reactor:

1. The double glass reactor adopts borosilicate glass (GG17), frequency conversion control, incapable of speed regulation, and speed digital display

2. Hot water (oil) is connected to the jacket of the double-layer glass reactor. 3. The drop hammer impact tester can put the hammer rod through the sliding sleeve under the hammer seat for heating reaction. Its outstanding horizontal competition problems with the controlling shareholder CSR (5.80, 0.00, 0.00%) for many years will be solved through asset replacement. The temperature control is accurate, and the low-temperature liquid can be connected to carry out low-temperature reaction.

3. The double-layer glass reactor can work under atmospheric pressure, It can also work under negative pressure, which can reach negative 0.09mpa

4. The double-layer glass reactor is equipped with a debris collector to prevent polluting materials

5. The double-layer glass reactor reaction distillation system can be set freely, and the distillation reflux operation is convenient

6. The double-layer glass reactor also has single column and well frame glass reactors, which can be overload protected: when the load reaches 110% of the pneumatic sensor, choose

7. The double-layer glass reactor anti

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