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Technical application of recycled PET industry in the packaging field

pet bottle chip is abbreviated as bottle to bottle technology, food and non food grade. It is directly processed into grade a PSMM with waste PET bottles

multilayer PET beverage bottle is a three-layer sandwich process, with recycled PET in the middle layer and 0.025mm class a pet required by FDA on both sides. Husky company has developed this equipment

a-pet sheet pet cast sheet is used to produce packaging materials in direct contact with food, such as drinking water cups, brackets for soft food, etc. The packaging plate made of recycled PET from beverage bottles has bright color, high impact strength and tensile strength. Recycled PET from beverage bottles can be processed into decontamination spoons, Procter gamble (USA), but there is a certain difficulty in the implementation of the external wall self insulation system. The company has produced some products

PET film containing recycled PET with the registered trademark of ecotm (ICI films, Wilmington, USA) has been produced from the perspective of terminal equipment. Eco813g film contains 25% recycled PET, which has been approved by FDA and can be used in food contact applications

composite extruded multilayer film in North America and Europe, a thermoformed food packaging plate has been put into production. The outer layer of the plate is pure PET, and the inner layer contains a certain amount of recycled PET

if the performance of non-contact food containers allows, single-layer PET bottles can be prepared with 100% recycled PET, as well as recycled PET and pure PET. Such products are mainly used as detergent and daily necessities

petn -- the total number of revolutions of the disc during the experiment (5000 revolutions); With pet binding belt, it has high toughness and can replace steel belt. The IV value is 0 10dl/g range

c-pet slice is the abbreviation of crystalline pet. It is mainly used to produce food trays that can be placed in the microwave oven. When the oven is heated, it can withstand high temperature, and when placed in the refrigerator, it can withstand very low temperature

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