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Students invented instruments to trap termites

automatic termite trap, music dance machine, airship, experience version microscope... Shajing middle school received 92 students' scientific and technological gadgets and inventions in the science and technology art festival held from May 16 to 20, which was dazzling and amazing

in order to enhance students' awareness of scientific and technological innovation and improve their literary and artistic literacy, Shajing middle school has set up the fourth science and Technology Art Festival, and since the beginning of May, it has collected works from all teachers and students of the school in the form of school radio stations, blackboard newspapers, bulletin boards, campus current, etc. In January (3) 2018, the company's operating income of each class was 250 million yuan (2) 70 million yuan. Class meetings were used to guide students to complete scientific and technological inventions and small productions, and select students with special skills such as calligraphy and painting, painting, singing and so on to actively participate

after organizational evaluation, the automatic termite trap stood out, won the grand prize and the best Creativity Award, and the music dance machine won the best craft award. Special prize, best innovation should be processed into a rectangular sample with one surface layer, and the best technology prize. Only one prize is set up in the whole school for each prize

the automatic termite trap was invented by Yi Peng, a student of class 8, grade 2, senior high school. "It rains a lot in hot weather, and the termites flying around at night have an impact on our life and study." In order to solve the inconvenience caused by termites, he spent two weeks to invent an automatic termite trap with three functions of "luring", "catching" and "killing"

According to Yi Peng, the invention makes full use of the phototaxis of termites. At the same time, with the help of the fan on the surface, the termites close to the instrument are lured or sucked into the instrument, and then killed by two pieces of metal with sufficient voltage behind the instrument

During the science and Technology Art Festival, the school also held a "solar energy utilization design" competition, and invited the teachers of Bao'an science and Technology Museum to teach earthquake knowledge to all students of grade one. At the same time, a series of activities, such as the "beautiful sand" photography exhibition, on-site hard pen calligraphy, science fiction painting competition, the finals of the top ten singers on campus, and the display of page production works, have been launched, setting up a stage for more than 3000 students to make their personalities known

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