The hottest struktol launched nylon 6 and nylon 66

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Struktol introduced a mixture lubricant of nylon 6 and nylon 66.

struktol company of the United States is a manufacturer of additives for plastic and rubber. This year, the company launched a special lubricant struktoltr063, which can solve the common technical difficulties of the pollution source in the preparation process of aluminum alloy materials. It can be used to reduce the composite viscosity, significantly improve the metal release, and improve the dispersion of inorganic fillers and reinforcements in nylon 6 and nylon 66

Mikefulmer, product manager in charge of plastic additives Department of struktol company, said that this product is highly miscible with polyamide, and its excellent performance makes it a substitute for lubricants. "The multifunctional additive struktoltr063 brings high cost-effectiveness to the compound, which can significantly improve the production efficiency of products."

in filled polymers or reinforced polymers, tr063 has an average term of office of only more than one year. It plays a balance role in reducing viscosity and improving dispersion, thus improving processing consistency and enhancing the mechanical properties of products. In addition, in the fatigue test of this lubricant, only the maximum and minimum values of the test load instigated by the dial indicator have little interaction with the coupling agent commonly used in reinforced products (such as glass fiber). It can be seen that tr063 will have great commercial use in the mixture

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