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Student ID condom Hippie gift packaging is too controversial

Student ID issued by the "love Management School", love passbook all-in-one card, budding "Roses", beautiful matchboxes... Who would have thought that these beautiful little gifts "hide mystery", with condoms in the middle. This alternative condom gift was found in Xiaozhai yesterday. The seller told that this kind of gift, commonly known as "hippie cover", has a novel style and can avoid the embarrassment that people should take it as a preferred choice when buying. It is very popular to rub shoulders with each other at a regular speed

seen in this store, these alternative gifts can't see the mystery from the appearance. On the surface, the "student ID card" is a green book. On closer inspection, it is issued by the "love Management College". After picking it up, I found that there was a sealed interlayer inside. "There are two condoms in it," the owner told me. Like the "student ID card", the beautifully packaged "love card passbook" also contains two condoms. The shopkeeper took out a budding "Rose" from the bottle. It turned out that the petals of the "Rose" were folded from underwear, and there was a condom in the green leaf that attached importance to original innovation. Note that there are also "lollipops" and "small matchboxes" that are also different. Each of these things costs about 20 yuan. The shopkeeper told that these alternative gifts avoid embarrassment and are very novel, which are very popular with young people. "Many people bought it, mainly because it was fun."

in random interviews, most young people said they could accept such gifts and believed that "they are creative and indeed avoid some embarrassment". However, some people still put forward different views. A passing college student said, "after all, the student ID has special meaning. Taking the student ID as the package of a condom is a bit too much."

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