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Strong smart electricity leads the future

on December 9, the Qinghai Tibet joint project, the world's highest altitude power transmission and transformation project with the largest construction scale and the most difficult construction problems in alpine regions, was completed and put into trial operation one year ahead of schedule. This power Heaven Road, which spans Qinghai and Tibet, has ended the long history of isolated power operation in Tibet, fundamentally solved the problem of power shortage that restricts the development of Tibet, and provided power guarantee for the development of Qinghai Qaidam circular economy pilot zone and the construction of national new energy base

this landmark project is an epitome of the State Power Corporation of China in recent years, relying on independent innovation to build strong smart electricity and promote the transformation and upgrading of the mode of economic development

smart electricity makes life happy

if you are an office worker, press a few specific numbers before work at night, and the rice cooker, air conditioner, humidifier and even electric curtain at home will be started one by one. When you return home half an hour later, the temperature in the room is pleasant and the air is fresh. A pot of delicious rice has been done. Isn't this life very happy? Today, 418 families living in the Sino Singapore Tianjin eco city, life is so happy

in this community, solar photovoltaic panels are installed on Residents' balconies, and 20% of people's domestic electricity comes from solar energy, a clean energy. As the first comprehensive demonstration project of smart electricity in China, the power optical fiber and information technology are integrated, and the residents of the community have realized the intellectualization of their home life

the magic of smart electricity is not only reflected in the remote control of household appliances, laundry and cooking. Using the smart electricity integrated management platform, residents can also use the total remote control at home to understand the power consumption ratio of various household appliances, conduct power consumption analysis, reasonably select the power consumption mode, and reduce the household power consumption expenditure. At the same time, smart electricity has also promoted the popularization and application of electric vehicles. There are also three charging stations in this community, which use solar energy to charge electric vehicles

by the end of this year, there will be 25 intelligent residential areas and buildings across the country to realize two-way interaction of intelligent power consumption, and people's daily life will be more low-carbon and environmentally friendly because of intelligent power. Linhongyu, director of the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of science and technology of the State Power Corporation, told that smart electricity involves six links: power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption and dispatching. In the past two years, the State Grid Corporation of China has comprehensively promoted the construction of smart electricity pilot projects, comprehensively launched 228 pilot projects in 21 categories, and made important breakthroughs in six fields, including smart substations, distribution automation, power consumption information acquisition system, electric vehicle charging and changing facilities, smart electricity dispatching technical support system, and power optical fiber to the home. Up to now, China has built eight smart substations, including 750 kV in Shaanxi, 220 kV in Yan'an, and 220 kV in Jiangsu, becoming the backbone leading the development of substation technology in the world. In terms of key equipment development and technical standard system construction of intelligent substation, it has also continuously filled the domestic gap, and formed the world's first series of technical standards for intelligent substation, with 126 patents applied, and the overall technical level is internationally leading

UHV technology, created by China

on December 9, the world's first 1000 kV Southeast Shanxi successfully put into commercial operation - skillful control of the above seven precautions can greatly reduce the mechanical defects and mechanical damage caused by wrong operation. Nanyang Jingmen UHV AC test demonstration project came out with good news again. As the starting project of the 12th Five Year UHV construction of the State Grid Corporation of China, on the same day, The expansion project of the project has achieved the expected goal of continuously transmitting 5million kW of power in the heavy load test stage, creating a new world record, and further verifying the large capacity and long-distance transmission capacity of UHV AC lines and the economy superior to conventional transmission lines

the key technology of UHV transmission is a major project of the national 11th Five Year Plan for science and technology support, and also a major cutting-edge technology in the world's energy field. On the morning of September 9, according to international standards, UHV refers to the voltage of 1000 kV and above. In China, UHV refers to the transmission network with the voltage level of 1000 kV AC and 800 kV DC

Shen Jiang, deputy director of the science and Technology Department of the State Power Corporation, said that the distribution of energy and productivity in China is reverse, and the energy transportation situation has been tense for a long time. UHV power transmission has the advantages of long-distance, large capacity, low loss and high efficiency in the report of p.8 in October 11, 2015. The construction of strong intelligent power with UHV power as the backbone can promote the intensive development and utilization of large coal power, large hydropower, large nuclear power and large renewable energy bases. At the same time, UHV can improve the ability of electricity to resist sudden events and serious faults, further improve the reliability and stability of power system operation, and provide a solid foundation for the construction of strong intelligent electricity

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, through the construction of major UHV innovation projects, the State Power Corporation of China successively completed the Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen UHV AC test demonstration project and the Xiangjiaba Shanghai 800 kV High Voltage DC transmission demonstration project, comprehensively mastered the UHV core technology, possessed the manufacturing capacity of a full set of UHV equipment, and the localization rate of equipment reached 90%, and formulated a complete UHV technology standard system, UHV AC voltage has officially become an international standard. Due to China's breakthrough in the field of UHV technology, the International Electrotechnical Commission has specially established the high voltage DC transmission technical committee, and the Secretariat is located in the State Power Corporation

in 2009, U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu came to China National Power Corporation. He stood in front of the sand table of UHV projects and did not want to go away. The original five minute introduction was extended to 15 minutes. China's UHV projects are impressive and have reached a high level of technology. Wind power in the United States is mainly concentrated in the north, while solar energy is mostly in the southeast. It is also facing the problem of long-distance and large-capacity transmission like China, which needs such UHV technology. Chu commented that China has set an example for the United States and many countries in the world. We also have some research in this area, and hope to have more cooperation with China National Power Corporation

the scenery storage and transmission project solves the problem of new energy power generation

in the middle of winter, Zhangbei Bashang grassland. Looking around, the towering white fans and glittering solar photovoltaic panels complement the blue sky and the earth, which is spectacular. More than half a year ago, it was still a hilly land. Now a world-class new energy demonstration base has stood firmly

this is the site of the national scenery storage and transmission demonstration project. The construction personnel are not afraid of the biting cold wind, and are nervously carrying out the final commissioning of the panoramic intelligent monitoring system for combined power generation. The project has entered the final stage, and the goal of putting into operation at the end of the year is just around the corner

the purpose of implementing the wind and solar energy storage and transmission demonstration project is to solve the problem of new energy power generation. Only by making new breakthroughs in management and technology can clean energy be developed stably, delivered, settled and used well. Wang Min, deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation of China, said that the national scenery storage and transmission demonstration project is the first key project of the golden sun project jointly launched by the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology, the national energy administration and the State Grid Corporation of China. It is the first batch of key projects for the State Grid Corporation of China to build strong smart power. It is also the world's largest renewable energy project integrating wind power, photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and transmission projects

wind ionization cannot be separated from wind, solar power generation cannot be separated from sunlight, and unpredictable weather conditions make most new energy power generation intermittent and volatile. These characteristics break the balance between the original electric energy supply and load demand, and have an impact on electric frequency modulation, peak shaving and safe and stable operation. The project focuses on the wind and solar power generation control and energy storage system integration technology to achieve the control objectives of smooth output, plan tracking, peak shaving and valley filling and frequency modulation of new energy power generation, and solve the technical problems of large-scale consolidation of new energy. With the project put into operation, it will achieve five technological breakthroughs, complete the research and development of 10 independent equipment, create 20 technological innovations, obtain 70 intellectual property rights, cultivate 100 high-level talents in the field of new energy, and realize the organic integration of scientific research and industry

in October last year, the white paper on green development of State Grid Corporation of China was issued, which is the first white paper on green development issued by Chinese enterprises. It conveys the rational voice of State Grid Corporation of China to promote green development to the government and the public: building strong smart electricity and promoting the green transformation of China's development. According to the plan, by 2015, China's UHV will form three verticals, three horizons and one ring, basically build a strong intelligent power with the characteristics of informatization, automation and interaction, form three synchronous power with North China, central China and East China as the receiving end and northwest and Northeast power as the sending end, and initially build a world-class power. By 2020, when the strong smart power is completed, it can reduce the carbon dioxide emission by about 1.65 billion tons, which can reduce the carbon dioxide emission intensity by 8.8% compared with 2005, and the contribution rate to the realization of China's carbon emission reduction target can reach 20% - 23%

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