Besides the State Grid and the South grid, there a

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There are so many local electricity besides Guonan

there are so many local electricity besides Guonan

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original title: in addition to the country & South, there were so many local electricity

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when talking about power companies, you must think of two major power enterprises, national power and southern power. In fact, China offers a variety of experimental project options; At present, in addition to the two giants of national household appliances and southern power, there are many local power enterprises

take the distribution process of renewable energy fund as an example:

1) if the project access power is national power and Southern Power

the Ministry of finance directly sends it to national power or southern power, and then sends it to the provincial power company, which is transferred to the enterprise on a monthly basis for routine testing: elongation at break, contraction recovery, The specific distribution process is as follows

2) if the project is connected to the electric metal rubber material fatigue damage performance research, what instrument is used by a local power company

the declaration process of subsidy funds remains unchanged, but the subsidy funds should be sent to the Provincial Department of finance first, then sent to the local power enterprises by the Provincial Department of finance, and then transferred to the power generation enterprises by the local power companies on a monthly basis. The distribution process is as follows

how many local power enterprises are there in the country

at present, there are about 1 provincial-level power (Mengxi Power), 13 prefecture level municipal power and nearly 400 county-level power

the following is a brief introduction to the independent electricity in 10 main places

1. Mengxi Power (Inner Mongolia Power Group)

this is an electricity enterprise solely owned by the Inner Mongolia government, which is responsible for the electricity construction, operation, management and rural electricity work in eight league cities in central and Western Inner Mongolia. The total investment in electricity construction has reached more than 67 billion yuan. The electricity has been built into a 500 kV backbone covering eight league cities, 220 kV power supply in each League City, and 110 kV and below power distribution in urban and rural areas, so as to achieve the goal of household power supply, Mengxi power has an installed capacity of 85million kW (including 20million kW of wind power) and 22million kW of external power. This is the largest independent local electricity in China at present. At that time, Guodian was ambitious to unify the Jianghu, but it was defeated by the law on regional national autonomy

2. Shanxi local power

the power point comes from its own thermal power station. The independent local power covers 12 counties (districts) in Luliang, Linfen and Shuozhou, with a total asset of 3.6 billion yuan and an annual sales of 4.8 billion kwh

3. Hydropower in Sichuan Province

mainly takes medium-sized and small hydropower stations as the power source, and the independent local electricity covers 111 counties in Sichuan Province, and its urban and rural power supply covers more than 70% of the province. Total assets are 11.52 billion yuan and controllable assets are 30 billion yuan

4. Beijiang power (Shihezi independent power of BINGTUAN)

covers the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th agricultural divisions of BINGTUAN. The installed capacity is mainly thermal power stations and thermal power stations, with an installed capacity of nearly 4million kW, a reserve of 2million kW, and an annual sales of 20billion kwh

5. Shaanxi geoelectricity

mainly uses small thermal power as the power point (with an installed capacity of 2.61 million KW). Independent local electricity covers 66 counties (districts) in 9 cities including Yulin City, accounting for 72% of the land area of the province and 51% of the total population of the province. It has 4.21 million electricity customers, a market share of 30.08%, 404 35 kv-110 kV substations/6688 MVA, 559 35 kv-110 kV lines/10080 km, and 75 provincial, municipal and county-level dispatchers, 188000 kilometers of lines with 10kV and below. It is estimated that in 2015, the sales revenue will reach 43billion yuan and the electricity sales will reach 46billion kwh

6. Jilin Provincial Local Hydropower Company

mainly takes small hydropower as the power point (including Fenglin power station, Fusong power station, Sano 3 power station, Dongjiang power station, Wangqing Gucheng power station, Changbai Huiyuan power station, Antu Hualong power station, etc.). Independent power covers Jilin as the eastern mountainous counties, including Antu, Changbai, Fusong, Jingyu, Linjiang, Tonghua

7. Guangxi water conservancy and power industry group takes small hydropower as the main power source, and independent electricity covers 43 counties (cities, districts) in Guangxi. At present, the total assets are 30.7 billion yuan

8. Yunnan Baoshan Power

is a state-owned holding enterprise. Small hydropower is the main power source (with an installed power generation capacity of 910000 kW and 23 power stations). Independent local power covers Yongchang, Tengchong, Longling, Shidian and Changning. The total assets of the company are 6.6 billion yuan, and the company has 13 110 kV substations with a total capacity of 620000 KVA; There are 23 110 kV lines with a total length of 664.94 kilometers, 50 35 kV substations with a total capacity of 316700 KVA, and 92 35 kV lines with a total length of 1291.071 kilometers; 9670.64 kilometers of 10 kV lines, 15807.46 kilometers of 400/220 volt lines, and 6909 distribution transformers

9. Guangxi Guidong power

Guangxi Guidong power (formerly Hezhou electric power company) is a local power enterprise in the local power industry of the national water conservancy system, which integrates plants into one, has the widest and most complete frame coverage, operates on 110kV transmission lines, has a complete and unified power generation and supply integration system, and generates and supplies electricity within the power supply. The total installed capacity of hydropower is nearly 310000 kW, with 2 220kV substations, 215.06 km of 220kV lines, 15 110kV substations, 1223.639 km of 110kV lines, 475.28 km of 35kV lines, and 1522 MVA of transformation capacity. The business scope of power supply includes 6 counties, 3 cities and 2 mines in Guidong region, and with Yunan County and Luoding City in Guangdong Province, so we began to consider combining graphene produced by liquid phase stripping (a method that can produce a large amount of graphene at a lower price) into polyurethane - used for the sole of shoes made of polyurethane and adjacent Jiangyong County, Jianghua county and Yongzhou City in Hunan Province for mutual power exchange, Form a relatively complete regional electricity

10. Guangxi Baise power

takes the small hydropower with a total installed capacity of 300000 kW as the main power source, and shares 600000 kW of thermal power plant. Baise power realizes multi head power supply, and the power supply is stable and reliable. The transmission lines with property rights are 1967 kilometers (excluding less than 10 kV), and there are 20 substations under its jurisdiction, including 9 110 kV substations and 11 35 kV substations, which are responsible for the power supply tasks of seven counties (districts) including Tianyang, Tiandong, Pingguo, Tianlin, Lingyun, Leye, Youjiang district and more than 40 factories and mining enterprises

in addition to the above 10, there are also some small power companies, such as Hubei Danjiang power, which is controlled by the Danjiangkou government. It mainly takes small hydropower as the power point and undertakes the power planning, construction, operation, maintenance and power supply business tasks of 21 towns and offices in the city. It has 165000 customers of all kinds, 9 110 kV substations and 10 35 kV substations, with a total substation capacity of nearly 600000 kVA, The annual power supply exceeds 1.5 billion kwh

Chongqing Three Gorges hydropower is also an independent power with small hydropower as the main power source

Shenzhen merchants power supply company introduces power from Hong Kong through submarine cables. The power supply area is mainly Shekou Industrial Zone, Chiwan Port Area and Qianwan logistics park, covering about 20 square kilometers. It has 3 110kV substations, with an installed capacity of 294.5mva, 14 10kV regional distribution stations, about 5 kilometers of 110kV power cables and overhead lines, 315 kilometers of 10kV power cables, about 36660 power users and about 100000 power supply population, The electricity sold in 2009 was 776million kwh

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