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Complete the structural adjustment, and the "frost resistance" of Dalian machine tools has been significantly enhanced.

in the face of the adverse situation that the domestic machine tool market is shrinking in an all-round way and machine tool manufacturers are generally in trouble, Chen Yongkai, chairman of Dalian Machine Tool Group, said in an interview recently that the current difficulties are both challenges and opportunities for Dalian machine tools. The adjustment and transformation that began as early as last year have made us have enough resistance to this worldwide storm, This year, our operating revenue is still expected to exceed 11billion yuan, and the profit is the same as last year, the highest level in history. "I firmly believe that winter is coming, and spring is not far away."

strengthen the adjustment of product structure

as a pacesetter in the domestic machine tool industry, the sales revenue of Dalian machine tool ranks first in the national machine tool industry for eight consecutive years, with an operating revenue of more than 10 billion yuan. It is the only enterprise in the national machine tool industry that has entered the top 500 Chinese enterprises for five consecutive years. Even affected by the world economic downturn, from January to September this year, the sales revenue was still 7.42 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 27.5%, realizing profits and taxes 4.5 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 19.6%, and a profit of 302 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 43%. Among them, the output value of medium and high-end CNC machine tools increased by 36.1%, and the export supply increased by 81.6%

the reason why Dalian machine tool can handle this global economic crisis calmly is that it has implemented the "258" policy in advance, that is, through the adjustment of eight aspects, such as products, market structure, manufacturing mode, material procurement, human resource structure and enterprise management, to realize the upgrading of staff quality, enterprise management, product quality, product level and economic benefits, and to speed up the transformation from scale speed type to quality benefit type, The transformation from extensive management to intensive management

in accordance with the principles of "global positioning", "specialization of standard machine tools, flexibility of special machine tools" and "simultaneous development of large, medium, small, high, medium and low", since the second half of last year, Dalian machine tool has given full play to the advantages of strong adaptability and wide product chain of the enterprise, reduced the output of ordinary products, and accelerated the development of a number of high-end processing equipment with high efficiency, precision, special purpose, composite, complete sets and environmental protection, The product chain has been further widened and lengthened, and the field of product services has been further expanded. Remarkable achievements have been made in the product development of aerospace, aviation, nuclear power, wind power, tidal power generation, high-speed railway, agricultural machinery, military industry and other fields in national key fields, advantageous industries and emerging industries. The special processing equipment for wind turbine hub developed for a large wind turbine plant not only blocked the import, but also increased the processing efficiency by five times; Seizing the opportunity of the state to increase the construction of high-speed railway, the current recycling price of 1 ton of waste is 1800 (3) 500 yuan/ton, and developed high-end CNC machine tools specially used for processing rails, wheels of EMUs, bogies and other high-end CNC machine tools, which have replaced imports. At present, some high-speed, high-precision, high-reliability high-end special CNC machine tools have been successfully developed and gradually introduced to the market; The industrialization base of CNC machine tools has formed the large-scale production capacity of high and middle end products such as large pentahedral machining center, five axis linkage gantry boring and milling machine, high-speed precision vertical and horizontal machining center, CNC special machine automatic line and flexible manufacturing system, CNC lathe and turning and milling center. It ranks in the forefront of the world in terms of output as long as it is tenacious and indomitable

As early as 2002, Dalian machine tool was pregnant with the establishment of the first production base of complete functional components in China and even the world. This is a shocking move for the machine tool industry at home and abroad. At present, the manufacturers of functional parts at home and abroad mostly produce single products. They want to produce CNC system, servo drive motor, ball screw, linear guide rail, CNC machine tool turret, tool magazine, tool table, return C. do a full set of CNC machine tool functional parts such as oil cylinder, chuck, sheet metal protection, high-speed spindle, spindle with obvious relaxation characteristics of electric motion, which is also unique in the world. However, the decision-makers of Dalian machine tool, with amazing courage and insight, have unswervingly embarked on a bumpy road full of thorns and created incredible achievements in the industry: by the end of 2006, the functional component base of Dalian Machine Tool CNC machine tool had not only been completed and reached production capacity, but also formed a large-scale manufacturing capacity with a full range of products and a new organizational form of collectivization, becoming the largest in China The production and supply base of functional components of CNC machine tools with the most complete varieties has been identified as the first batch of national CNC functional component industrialization bases

at present, Dalian Machine Tool CNC system, servo and motor, spindle servo, high-speed spindle, electric spindle, tool magazine, tool tower, high-speed clamping oil cylinder, ball screw, linear guide rail have all achieved mass production, forming a comprehensive production capacity of CNC machine tools and functional components

strengthen the development of international market

in the process of development, Dalian machine tool focuses on going abroad, insisting on taking me as the main player, using me, starting from a high starting point, and implementing international operation and development. It has successively acquired American Ingersoll production systems, Ingersoll crankshaft processing systems and German Zimmerman company. With the help of the international sales network of M & A enterprises, the foreign market has expanded from more than ten in the past to more than 100 countries and regions now

Chen Yongkai said that in the next two years, Dalian machine tool will build another ten foreign sales companies. By accelerating the distribution of foreign marketing networks and developing new markets, especially the sales of medium and high-end CNC machine tools abroad, the export of products will achieve a new breakthrough, and the proportion of export sales should reach more than 50%. At the same time, we should do a good job in the marketing work of the domestic market in an all-round way, focus on large enterprises and large projects in the industry, form strategic cooperation alliances with large enterprises in various industries, provide technological transformation schemes and customized complete sets of technical equipment for large enterprises, and give priority to providing equipment for alliance enterprises. Since this year, it has formed strategic partners with 21 enterprises in engineering machinery, military aircraft, weapon manufacturing, wind power generation, automobile engine and other industries (the picture shows the VX gantry composite machining center developed by Dalian machine tool, with a total height of more than 9 meters and a workbench specification of 2.5~6 meters. It is an alternative imported product and has now entered the market)

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