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Shanxi merchants began to set foot in the high-end packaging of moon cakes

different from previous years, this year's Mid Autumn Festival we have not tasted the moon cakes with different flavors, the colorful moon cake packaging has attracted our attention. Today, Shanxi provincial post office and other units held the mid Autumn Festival packaging exhibition and theme culture moon cake recommendation meeting in Taiyuan. I think this is also a touch up for the moon cakes in advance

this exhibition is jointly organized by Shanxi provincial post office, Shenzhen times packaging business Co., Ltd. and Shanxi CHENGONG printing and packaging Co., Ltd. this kind of strong cooperation to complete the tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear and other mechanical property experiments of samples across industries, and the operation of cross region and complementary advantages is a new attempt, which is conducive to the comprehensive development of the three parties of cooperation, while allowing customers to get ready to win the market at the first time, Make a quick profit, and then compress the market operation cost, so that consumers can further benefit from it. In previous years, Shanxi's moon cake design and packaging, especially high-end packaging, were taken away by companies outside the province. Enterprises in the province also had to order and transport thousands of miles, which was not only time-consuming, laborious and expensive, but also indirectly affected enterprises' interest in business wars and grasp business opportunities

Yu Yuanchao, general manager of Shanxi CHENGONG printing and packaging Co., Ltd.: our exhibition is to show the strength of the metal pendulum impact testing machine produced by Shanxi printing to be exported to brush enterprises at home and abroad, introduce our high-end products to the society, integrate products, culture and packaging, and gradually form the packaging industry chain of Shanxi Province

the clamping force is then added. Lihuaming, manager of the newspaper and retail company of Shanxi Post Bureau, said: at present, the Mid Autumn Festival Service of postal etiquette is more and more popular in all walks of life, but postal etiquette service also really needs a good and exquisite packaging, which can promote the rapid development of postal etiquette

postal design and channels, the technology and intelligence of the times, and the equipment and manpower of Chen Gong are their respective strengths. Such cooperation will effectively strengthen the design, production, technology, business and publishing capabilities, so that Shanxi people can enjoy the latest packaging technology of the national Mid Autumn Festival without leaving the province. It is understood that such an exhibition will be held every year in the future

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