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In January this year, Taiyuan became one of the pilot cities of "three convergence" in China. For a time, people began to talk about when the "three convergence" would make substantive progress in Shanxi. On February 1, it was reported that Shanxi Mobile and Shanxi Radio and television station officially signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in Taiyuan. The two sides will carry out business cooperation in the field of "three integration" (3) there is a large amount of air in the oil system. This is the first time that the provincial radio and television system and telecommunications system have expressed their attitude to jointly promote the development of the "three integration" after Taiyuan was identified as the pilot city of the "three integration"

the agreement stipulates that the two sides will be mutual strategic partners of "three integration" and jointly promote the three integration business. Shanxi Radio and television station will strengthen the planning, construction and operation management of the "three convergence", introduce and integrate small, scattered and chaotic programs such as national and provincial live programs for a long time, organize the review and broadcasting, plan and produce the "three convergence" live and on-demand programs, and provide the "three convergence" business with provincial current affairs, special programs and other program content. Shanxi Mobile will do a good job in the "three integration" market promotion, and provide radio and television programs that comply with the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations, guidelines and policies to the provincial unified broadcast control (210) wood-based panel platform according to the national "three integration" overall plan and pilot plan. In addition, the two sides will also cooperate in Internet TV to jointly provide users with smooth Internet TV business

in addition, the two sides will also cooperate in "wireless city". Shanxi Radio and television station can use the "wireless city" platform to release radio and television program preview information and broadcast radio and television programs; TV users can pay cable TV viewing fees through the "wireless city" platform. "Three convergence" refers to the business integration of telecommunications, radio and television and interconnection. On the basis of technological transformation, it provides comprehensive multimedia communication services including voice, data, image, etc., which can involve technology convergence, business convergence, industry convergence, terminal convergence and network convergence. For the audience, the transformation from "watching TV" to "using TV" can be realized. However, due to the fact that radio and television and Telecommunications belong to different industries and compete with each other, the progress of "three integration" has been slow

according to the relevant persons of both parties, the above cooperation content will be implemented as soon as two months. Sanjin Metropolis Daily

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