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Shanzhang Light Industry Co., Ltd. had a happy event, and the "six six Dashun"

★ won the national key high-tech enterprise

★ won the national heavy contract, The title of trustworthy enterprise

★ passed ISO9001 certification

★ the new workshop was completed and put into operation

★ the new product sgf-b computer fully automatic control high-speed gravure color printing machine caused a sensation in the market

★ the first large-scale special coating machine in China

Shantou Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory, which is famous in the national packaging and printing industry, has had a happy event this year. Count it carefully, There are six major joys: upgrading from a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province to a national key high-tech enterprise; It was rated as a national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise by the State Administration for Industry and commerce; Successfully passed ISO9001 international quality system certification; A 400 square meter new workshop was completed and put into operation; Sgf-b, a new product with mid-range price and high-end performance, caused a sensation immediately after it was put into the market; Users require to develop the first large-scale special-purpose coating machine with great difficulty and high level in China. Six great happenings augur the great prosperity of Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory on June 6, 2002

a few days ago, when talking about the work of the whole year with Wang zhenchen, the director of Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory, and Li Lihui, the deputy director, the two directors said: we are very busy and tired this year, we have done a lot of things, and we feel very full. It's impossible not to work hard now. The flexible packaging production equipment industry as a whole has changed rapidly, many enterprises have improved, and our peers have made great progress and achievements. If we don't step up, we may be surpassed at any time. In the past, we seldom publicized some things, and we mainly considered doing more to improve the level of antibacterial modified engineering plastics products and make more contributions to the packaging and printing industry

It is true that this year, Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory has done a lot of practical things. In addition to the six happy events mentioned above, in order to expand production and meet the needs of customers, they have also added nearly 10 sets of equipment, including six meter gantry planer, three meter cylindrical mill, etc. there are already 60 sets of processing equipment in the whole factory, and they plan to enter a processing center made in Taiwan next year. In the newly-built three storey workshop building, we can see that all equipment is busy, the assembly workshop is full, and all types of gravure printing machines, xerox machines and coating machines are being assembled. When we arrived at the printing plant, the sky was full of stars, the workshops were brightly lit, and the workers were still fighting on the front line. Is it OK if you are not busy? Users are in a hurry for equipment. Working overtime and burning the midnight oil also need to let users use satisfactory equipment as soon as possible

there was a large gravure printing line in the assembly workshop. Shanzhang people proudly said to him, "this is the most advanced digital AC control high-speed machine in China at present, and the specific requirements are put forward by the customers." Yan Jian said that it was made by name and will be delivered for use early next year. There is also a large coating machine with a length of 33 meters. This is the first domestic special-purpose coating machine designed and manufactured by a military enterprise, which has run many professional manufacturers in China. After repeated comparison, it is determined that Shanzhang factory has a high level of technology and strong processing capacity. This coater has high technical requirements and complex performance. When the military personnel saw the design of Shanzhang factory, they all sighed and said: we ran so many professional manufacturers and solved it. It is really a well-known enterprise

the gravure printing machine with medium price and high-end performance has made an extraordinary hit in the market.

Shanzhang's best work this year is the sgf-b computer fully automatic control high-speed gravure color printing machine, which has medium price and high-end performance. It adopts a full digital AC vector control system, and is composed of a full-automatic high-sensitivity tension control system and a speed synchronous control system. The whole machine is coordinated and controlled by a new high-speed PLC, absorbing international advanced technology, Change the structural design defects of the domestic axleless plate in the past, and design a unique and reasonable axleless plate structure that is the first in China. As soon as sgf-b model was launched, it immediately achieved a sensational effect. In just five months, its name spread to the north and the south, and customers flooded the door, competing to place orders and queuing up to urge. Users said in unison: we have long been looking forward to such a high-end performance equipment with more than 1 million, which can not only meet our needs at a higher level, but also make the price affordable. At present, this kind of equipment in China is only produced by Shanzhang factory. What are we waiting for if we don't order quickly

this equipment is very interested in gradually improving the quality assurance system of publishing products, and plans to make some follow-up investigations on the equipment users and give a documentary report

it is effective to pass the ISO9001 international quality system certification

talking about passing the ISO9001 international quality system certification, director Wang zhenchen said with deep feeling: it is very different to do certification and not to do certification. We are not going through the motions to engage in certification, just to get a certificate, but to really pass the certification and improve the level of enterprise management and personnel quality. The staff of the whole factory studied for a whole year, and then set up departments, formulate rules and regulations, and the terms of reference of each department according to the requirements. The staff of each department clearly understand what they should do, what responsibilities they should take, and what relationship they have with relevant departments. After passing the certification, we should continue to learn and adapt to improve our work level. Some time ago, we took on a difficult job of repairing Japanese gravure printing machines. The production department processed a batch of accessories and needed some of the original accessories on our printing machines. We thought they were in the warehouse. But when it comes to maintenance and assembly, the parts are processed, but there are no necessary parts in the warehouse, which results in a delay. From here, it is revealed that the production department has countless concerns. The warehouse should check the inventory, and the production department should check and account, find out immediately, and quickly fill in the loopholes, so that there are problems without delay. The Department staff who accompanied the visit to the factory also sincerely said that although they were busy and tired during the certification, the workers' consciousness of abiding by the regulations has improved after the certification. Everyone knows what to do and how to do it. The efficiency is improved and the operation is smooth

Located in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, one of the earliest four special zones in China, Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of gravure printing machines. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a national advanced packaging enterprise, and a top 200 advanced packaging enterprise in China. Since its establishment in 1989, Shantou Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory has created a Shanzhang whirlwind in the national packaging industry with a ys gravure printing machine and its series machines. So far, only ys models have sold more than 2000 units in total, accounting for more than half of the domestic market share and becoming the leader in the industry

with the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of domestic requirements for packaging equipment, Shanzhang people have the courage to take the lead in the world. In 1994, entrusted by China National Packaging Corporation, they invested and successfully developed a computer-controlled full-automatic high-speed gravure color printing machine with the international advanced level in the 1990s. This machine integrates the advanced technology of developed countries and regions in the world, such as Japan, France, South Korea, especially Italy, and the unique technology of Shanzhang factory, and is an advanced model tailored to China's national conditions. It fills the domestic gap and ends the history that domestic high-speed printing presses must rely on imports. The machine has a tall and beautiful appearance and a scientific and reasonable structure. The main parts are precision manufactured by machining centers and CNC machine tools. The control system and electrical components are first imported from Japan, the United States, France, Britain and Taiwan. The performance of the whole machine can be comparable to that of any imported similar model, especially Japan Fuji machine, but the price is only one third of that, which is highly competitive. This product development from DC control, digital DC control to the world's most advanced digital AC control, the fourth generation sgnc high-speed machine came out, all of which led the trend of domestic high-speed machine development. At present, dozens of high-speed machines operating in Beijing Fuchang company, Beijing Trademark No. 3 factory, Shanxi Yuncheng Nanguang company, Zhejiang Quzhou TongTianXing group, Guangdong Yashili Food Co., Ltd., Qingdao Xiyingmen group, Zhangjiagang chrysanthemum monosodium glutamate group and Sichuan chunfei group, Sichuan Chengdu overseas Chinese xinwan color printing and packaging products company are in good condition. Among them, Shanxi Yuncheng Nanguang company and Zhejiang Quzhou TongTianXing group withdrew their investment within one year and immediately ordered a second high-speed printing machine and supporting compound machine from Shanzhang factory. With the birth of SDP type computer high-speed compound machine, SGP type computer high-speed paper printing machine and carton color printing machine, SGJ type computer medium speed color printing machine and other series of machines, not only the strength of the enterprise is further expanded, but also the types, varieties and specifications are more complete, providing users with more choices. In recent years, a number of products of Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory have won national, provincial and municipal Torch Program Excellence Awards and scientific and technological progress awards for many times. They are high-quality products recommended by the Ministry of light industry

Shanzhang people will never relax in the face of honor

Shanzhang people have created brilliance for Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory. Tian Jiyun, former Vice Premier of the State Council, ye Xuanping, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, and Xu Guanhua, Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, and other leaders have all visited the factory and spoke highly of it. The national key high-tech enterprise, the technical supporting unit of the national key promotion plan of scientific and technological achievements, the AAA credit enterprise of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and the national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise rated by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (only two enterprises in Shantou are listed). These dazzling honorary Titles shine, but they do not confuse the eyes of Shanzhang people. They soberly analyze the industry situation and calmly evaluate themselves. Director Wang zhenchen said that in the professional production industry of flexible packaging equipment, we are difficult to compare in terms of fixed assets, production scale and plant area, but our advantage lies in products, high-tech products. We compare our products with domestic enterprises and foreign advanced brands. By comparing products, we can compare the advantages and disadvantages, learn from each other, and improve. It is one of the few special engineering plastics that are used. Everyone agrees that our full-automatic high-speed gravure printing machine represents the technical level of gravure printing machine in China. Now many factory directors and managers in the industry often talk about surpassing Shanzhang. It is the love of people in the industry to set Shanzhang products as catching up and surpassing standards. This is also an incentive for us to keep climbing and come up with gravure printing machines that represent the highest level in China. We have seen the outstanding changes and progress of many enterprises in the industry. We are willing to work with you hand in hand. The market in the world is so big that no one can eat alone. We should improve our cooperation, gain market share at all levels, have top-notch products, meet the WTO, gain a firm foothold in the competition with international enterprises and products, and gradually win

Shanzhang people will never relax in the face of achievements and honors. In 1994, the first computer fully automatic control high-speed gravure printing machine at the international advanced level in the 1990s in China has been the fourth generation sgnc high-speed machine from DC control, digital DC control to the most advanced digital AC control in the world. This year, Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory has fulfilled its solemn commitment to produce a high-speed gravure printing machine representing the highest level in China at the request of customers. This line integrates the technical advantages and years of experience of Shanzhang factory, and once again pushes the R & D and production of gravure printing machines to a new peak in China

director Wang zhenchen modestly said that after the line was put into operation, people from the packaging and printing industry were invited to give advice on the spot and work together

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