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Shanxi special rectification of copper, aluminum and other non coal mining mountains, crack down on illegal mining

learned from the Department of land and resources of Shanxi Province, in order to prevent all kinds of safety production accidents, from May 1 to June 30, Shanxi will carry out a two-month special rectification of safety production for all non coal mining enterprises in the province, and severely crack down on illegal mining activities such as unlicensed illegal mining and ultra level cross-border mining

Shanxi is rich in mineral resources. At present, the province has developed 65 kinds of minerals, mainly coal, coalbed methane, iron ore, bauxite, copper mine, gold mine, limestone for cement, mirabilite, etc., including nearly 4000 non coal mines

According to the relevant person in charge of the Department of land and resources of Shanxi Province, the special rectification will severely crack down on illegal activities such as unlicensed illegal mining and super level cross-border mining, illegal production and construction activities such as construction instead of mining and exploration instead of mining, and illegal activities such as illegal storage and use of initiating explosive devices, We will focus on the rectification of illegal buildings and illegal construction that may cause man-made hidden dangers of geological disasters in areas prone to geological disasters, and on the construction and production activities under high and steep slopes, as well as temporary sites and sheds

according to the introduction, illegal construction and production behaviors found in the supervision and inspection should be handled in strict accordance with the relevant regulations, and the load should not rise any more; For safety hazards and problems found, relevant departments should be instructed to issue law enforcement documents according to law, and the technical name and technical parameters should be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; For major hidden dangers, enterprises should be immediately ordered to stop production for rectification and rectify within a time limit; For those who still promote the transformation and upgrading of equipment after rectification and do not meet the conditions for safe production, they should request the local government to shut down according to law; If the organization is not carried out effectively and the supervision and inspection are not in place, resulting in accidents in the region and the enterprise, the relevant personnel shall be seriously investigated

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