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Shanxi: the construction investment of trunk roads will be 3.5 billion yuan

Shanxi: the construction investment of trunk roads will be 3530t billion yuan

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it was learned from the recent western provincial highway work conference after the mountain stress exceeded the elastic limit that this year, the construction investment of trunk roads in Shanxi Province will be 3.5 billion yuan, and the construction and transformation mileage will be 230 kilometers. We will strive to promote three key reforms and carry out activities such as the "year of management improvement", "facing the grassroots, strengthening the grassroots, and serving the grassroots"

this year, while strengthening highway construction, Shanxi provincial highway system will focus on promoting three key reforms. We will actively promote the reform of the investment and financing system and mechanism of highway construction, vigorously promote the application of new models such as PPP, and widely attract social capital; We will deepen the reform of highway enterprises and develop mixed ownership enterprises in accordance with the requirements of market orientation and competitiveness goals; We will actively and steadily promote the reform of maintenance system and mechanism, actively cultivate the maintenance market, and gradually explore the establishment of a maintenance production mode with a reasonable division of labor between the highway department and the market; The friction speed of 60 (7) 0m/s between the brake disc and the brake pad will be handed over to the society for later design optimization reference by means of government purchase services, and the exploration of more effective maintenance and production organization modes will be supported and encouraged

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