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Shanxi antifreeze vacuum filling machine Lirui electric stable reputation

Shanxi antifreeze vacuum filling machine Lirui electric stable reputation

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ordinary meetings show the characteristics of China's nonferrous metal materials industry and discipline. Generally, there is no need for fixed staff management, and only the equipment needs to be fully maintained and maintained in a timely manner, The domestic sewage treatment equipment has played a good role in today's environmental protection, so I hope you can observe and understand it more in daily use, so that it is more conducive to our life. The fully automatic basement sewage drainage equipment is mainly composed of the water collection (sewage) tank, lifting pump control cabinet, and the corresponding solid-liquid separator, debris buffer, pipe valves, etc, When the sewage enters the equipment through the system pipeline, the sundries larger than mm are filtered out through the solid-liquid separator first, and the water enters the water collecting tank. When the sewage in the water collecting (sewage) tank reaches the set * water level, the liquid level controller sends a signal, starts # through the control cabinet or # the system starts to discharge water. At this time, the pressurized sewage pushes the one-way valve to close the channel leading to the section of the solid-liquid separator, and discharges the sundries in the buffer downward to play the role of backwashing, When the water level in the sewage collecting (sewage) tank decreases to the set low water level, the liquid level sensor transmits the signal to the control cabinet to command the lifting pump in operation to stop running. The automatic program of Shanxi antifreeze vacuum filling machine has been set in the control cabinet, and the lifting pump Union # is standby for each other, and the automatic alternate start and stop is switched

it can also be started at the same time when the water level is ultra-high, and the full-automatic operation does not need to be supervised by a specially assigned person. When the equipment fails, the alarm system will automatically start, and the alarm indicator light will flash and give an alarm prompt to the user at the same time. The control cabinet is equipped with a manual operation system, and it can also manually start and stop the water pump in emergency on site. In addition to the dual pump control, the equipment is also equipped with single pump and four pump configurations, and the single pump configuration equipment; Therefore, it is only used in places where the sewage in the underground plug is occasionally discharged, the discharge law can be controlled, and the sewage volume must be less than the lifting capacity of a single pump. Because the pump configuration is lifting pump, one for use and one for standby, it is suitable for the situation that the flow rate of sewage at peak is larger than that of Kunming brake fluid vacuum filling machine. Because the flow rate of sewage into the collecting tank is large, when equipped with four pumps, the flow interface is also expanded correspondingly, and the flow of sewage received is also increased correspondingly

when a lifting pump is running, it will not affect the water inlet of other inlets. With the rise of the water level in the water collecting tank, under the control of the control cabinet, more than two of the four pumps can be started successively to meet the large change of sewage flow. The four pumps are used alternately and are standby for each other. The selection of sewage pumps is very important, because it is critical to select the appropriate sewage pumps according to different use environments, such as ordinary sewage tanks, Then QW submersible sewage pump or WQ submersible sewage pump; If there is sediment in the sewage, choose jywq automatic mixing sewage pump; If there are long fibers and other impurities in the sewage, we should choose wqk/qg with cutting submersible sewage pump as tear type submersible sewage pump. Of course, this is only the model selection shown in a preliminary investigation report. For details, please see the following, in order to improve the scope of use of the pump

the flow * of each water pump is equivalent to the design flow that can measure the length of the spring, and the same type of water pump is adopted as *;, Because the water level in the sump changes during the operation of the pump, the selected pump should be in the high-efficiency section within this variation range. When there are more than two pumps in the pump station, attention should be paid to selecting the pump not only in parallel operation, but also in single pump operation;, The incoming water of the industrial drainage pump station often contains acidic, alkaline or other corrosive substances. Therefore, the corrosion-resistant sewage pump with good corrosion resistance should be selected. The pump station often works with no more than four pumps, and only one standby unit needs to be set in the pipeline when it is of the same model; If there are more than four sets, in addition to a set of standby units installed on the pipeline, a set of standby units should also be used in the warehouse. The detailed process of Tianjin refrigerant is vacuum filling machine

from the perspective of adapting to the change of flow and saving electric energy, the model with more appropriate size matching can adapt to a wider range of incoming water volume. If two different models of water pumps are selected, the water output of the small pump should not be less than half of that of the large pump; If one large pump and two water pumps are selected, the water output of the small pump is not less than/; of the water output of the large pump;, The construction steps of sewage treatment project basically include the whole process of project construction, which can be divided into three stages, * stage project approval stage. In this stage, the necessity and feasibility of project construction need to be analyzed according to the requirements of urban municipal planning or environmental protection departments. This stage is centered on determining the project, Generally, the construction unit or its entrusted design and research unit prepares the project proposal and project feasibility study report, which can be approved after being demonstrated by the national planning department, investment bank or enterprise planning department. For some small-scale projects, the second stage is the construction stage

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