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The glassware enterprises participating in the second phase of the 114th Canton Fair came from Qi County, Taiyuan and Wenxi. Shanxi Dahua Glass Industry Co., Ltd. clinched a deal of US $8.04 million, accounting for 39.3% of the turnover of glassware in our province, playing a good demonstration and leading role in the participating enterprises in our Province. Qixian brand glass enterprises stand out

it is understood that glass crafts have become the largest traded commodity in the second phase of the 114th Canton Fair. Our province is a national glassware export production base, and the annual export earnings of glassware reach more than US $100million. Most orders of glass production enterprises depend on the sample transaction at the Canton Fair. Therefore, the transaction of glassware crafts at the Canton Fair is the focus and hot spot of our province. At this Canton Fair, the turnover of glassware in our province was US $20.45 million, accounting for 55.1%, which was the largest commodity traded in our province in the second phase

in order to cope with the objective reality of exhibition expansion, scattered tourist sources, fierce market competition and so on, our province has strengthened the cultivation of independent brands in recent years, accelerated the pace of foreign trade transformation and upgrading, and a number of brand enterprises of the Canton Fair have stood out. Shanxi Dahua Glass Industry Co., Ltd. produces high-end wine glasses, candlesticks and other products with new styles, complete varieties and high quality, which are exclusively for multinational chain supermarkets. Taiyuan Fushang economic and Trade Co., Ltd. adheres to the development idea and maintains a strong momentum by optimizing costs and specialized production

the relevant person in charge of Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce told that Shanxi Dahua Glass Industry Co., Ltd. hired a professional design company to design the booth according to the product characteristics, carried out hardbound, highlighted the corporate image and product characteristics, and achieved good display results. In the second phase, there are 6 brand enterprises in our province, with a total turnover of US $14.03 million, accounting for 68.6% of the turnover of glassware

Jing, deputy director of the foreign trade department of Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, told that the glassware enterprises participating in the Canton Fair were mainly from Qi County, Taiyuan and Wenxi, but the enterprises with the largest turnover were from Qi county. At present, Shanxi Dahua Glass Industry Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in Qixian County, which is the production and export base of glassware in China, has become the largest electric furnace glassware manufacturer in China, and Hongyi company has become the largest hand-painted glassware manufacturer in China

at present, there are a wide variety of glass products in Qixian County. The main products include eight categories of high and medium swing angle wine sets, wax stands, vases, wind lanterns, fruit trays, sugar boxes, and handicrafts, with more than 2000 varieties of designs and colors. According to the production process, they can be divided into blowing products, pressing products, throwing products, and handicrafts; According to the batching process, the dynamometer is also classified by the largest force value applicable to the structure and samples of a UTM experimental machine. According to the batching process, it can be divided into white material, color material and nesting, and according to the processing process, it can be divided into gold painting, hand painting, pickling, sanding, engraving and carving. "One stop shopping" meets the needs of domestic and foreign markets

from the perspective of the whole exhibition, there are many export orders for low value-added products. Shandong JIAYE Co., Ltd., a glass product enterprise, reported that the export of enterprises maintained a growth rate of 5% from January to September this year, mainly because the export of low value-added products increased. Glass exhibitors in our province also generally reported that orders for high value-added and high-quality products fell significantly, while orders for low value-added products increased rapidly. Liang Wensheng, deputy general manager of sales of Shanxi Dahua Glass Industry Co., Ltd., told that orders for low value-added products increased. Last year, the overall export volume of the enterprise reached US $15million, while from January to October this year, the export volume has reached US $12million. It is estimated that the sales level will exceed US $15million by the end of the year

why can Shanxi Dahua Glass Industry Co., Ltd. stand out in the second phase of the Canton Fair? Liang Wensheng told that in the past, market exports were mostly manual production. With the price of domestic raw materials still a major problem faced by manufacturers, rising labor costs and the appreciation of the RMB, the company's exports were greatly affected. In particular, due to the financial crisis in 2008 and the European debt crisis in 2010, the export volume of artificial products was less and less. At that time, the product quotation was close to the price level of Eastern Europe, and the labor cost advantage no longer existed. This time, the company has made adjustments to the product structure, and artificial products are gradually replaced by machine products. At present, the company has four machine blowing production lines, and three new machine pressing production lines will be added at the end of this month, no matter for the verification device or the experimental machine, from material supply to finished products will become fully automated. For example, ashtrays and Lampshades belong to mechanical products

"at present, the company's products have covered all the products people need for daily use." Liang Wensheng said that in 2007, the company began to engage in joint ventures to try machine blowing production, but was finally forced to give up due to immature technology. In 2010, the company began to resume production, with half manual production and half machine production. At that time, 95% of the company's products were exported. Once the foreign market situation was bad, the company would face bankruptcy. To this end, in 2011, the company gradually explored the domestic market, and bought a batch of machinery and equipment at a low price from a State-owned Bankrupt Enterprise in Guangdong. The products gradually formed three forms: machine blowing, machine pressing and manual, meeting the market demand at home and abroad

judging from the transaction volume of the Canton Fair, the product adjustment made by Shanxi Dahua Glass Industry Co., Ltd. has indeed adapted to the international market and basically met the one-stop procurement of large multinational chain enterprises such as IKEA, Carrefour, Macy's department store and so on

the relevant person in charge of Shanxi Provincial Department of commerce also revealed that this time, emerging markets are subject to structural contradictions, emerging technologies and emerging industries are facing cost and demand constraints, economic growth has slowed down, merchants are cautious in signing deals, and there are serious differences in future expectations. Large exhibitors reported that the demand of emerging markets was improving in this period, but more small and medium-sized enterprises and enterprises mainly exporting labor-intensive products reported that there was no significant increase in orders. Increase independent innovation and do a good job in enterprise transformation

at present and in the future, the market demand for glassware at home and abroad continues to grow. As a kind of daily consumer goods, glassware is in great demand in Europe and the United States, and continues to show a strong growth momentum. With the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of foreign exchanges, especially the diversification of lifestyles in big cities and the popularity of high-end hotels and bars, the demand for glassware has soared. China's glassware products (such as glasses, wine sets, glass crafts, etc.) are basically medium and low-end products, which occupy a dominant position in the consumer market, while high-end products are basically occupied by imported foreign products

"our products lack competitiveness." According to the analysis of the relevant person in charge of Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, many enterprises in our province do OEM processing according to the drawings provided by customers, which can certainly help enterprises open overseas markets, but also make enterprises in a passive position in the process of going global. Due to insufficient investment in R & D funds and limited design capacity, some self-supporting or agent export enterprises have been unable to launch new products for many years, or they have been acting as agents for low-end products in coastal areas for many years. They only sell at low prices, earn price differences, and have poor bargaining power

in the second phase of the Canton Fair, the total transaction volume of our province was 37.13 million US dollars, a decrease of 16.3% over the 113th session and 27.8% over the 112th session, with a large decrease. Liang Wensheng said: "with the rising cost of domestic factors, the era of low profit for foreign trade enterprises has become a thing of the past, and they have to start a difficult transformation. During the transformation period, they encounter many problems, which affect the transaction." In addition, in recent years, China's coastal areas have accelerated the transfer of industries and orders overseas. Some emerging markets, such as Vietnam and Malaysia, have lower product costs and more competitive advantages, which have a certain impact on China's export products

at the same time, the number of enterprises with independent brands and independent designs in our province is still small, especially the number of brand booths in the Canton Fair is only 40. To improve the competitiveness of products, independent brands and high value-added products are indispensable. The relevant person in charge of Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce revealed that our province will speed up the construction of public service platforms and establish a number of national and provincial enterprise technology centers and testing centers to provide high-quality services for enterprises. Encourage enterprises to increase independent R & D and innovation, speed up the cultivation of export brands, help enterprises pass all kinds of quality and management certification and product certification, and encourage enterprises to continuously launch new products with complete specifications, marketable, close to the market, avoid homogeneous competition, and take the initiative in price negotiation. Zhonghua glass () Department

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