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Shanxi provincial scientific and technological workers' status investigation site settled in Pinglu

release date: Source: Shanxi

on November 26, Shanxi and the Central Provincial Association for science and technology decided to set up Shanxi Provincial scientific and technological workers' status investigation site in Shanxi Jinkun mineral products Co., Ltd. in Pinglu District, Shuozhou City

Shanxi Jinkun mineral products Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise for the comprehensive utilization of resources that uses coal mine solid waste gangue as raw material to develop, produce and sell calcined kaolin. The technology center of the company is the environmental research center of Shanxi Province for the deep processing engineering technology of coal series kaolin without the influence of corrosive gases, and the comprehensive application research and development platform of the four engineering research and development centers of coating, papermaking, rubber and construction. The establishment of the survey site on the situation of the most mature people in the science and technology industry in Shanxi Province will play a role in timely and accurately reflecting the new situation and changes of local scientific and technological workers, truly reflecting the opinions and suggestions of scientific and technological workers, promoting the solution of practical problems concerned by scientific and technological workers, and establishing a smooth and stable two-way communication channel between Party committees and governments at all levels and scientific and technological workers

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