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Shaoxing Customs enterprise management consulting opens self-service voice service

welcome to call Shaoxing Customs enterprise management consulting. Please press 1 for registration. Please press 2 for enterprise change. On October 25, Wang danyan, the clerk of Shaoxing Oriental tax agents Co., Ltd., dialed the enterprise management consultation of Shaoxing customs under Hangzhou Customs, pressed the No. 2 key according to the prompt of self-service voice service, and soon learned the list of materials to be prepared for enterprise information change registration. This service is very convenient and considerate. The list of materials is clear at a glance, and there will be no busy Busy tone phenomenon

the service mentioned by Wang danyan is the self-service voice service recently introduced by Shaoxing customs in enterprise management consulting. There are more than 10000 registered enterprises in our jurisdiction, and hundreds of them call in to consult the business of enterprise management every day. However, we are not only a window with two staff members, but also need to handle the on-site business. 3. The passive needle can't stop at any position to reply the consultation, which is really a little stretched. Ji Yongxing, chief of the inspection section of Shaoxing customs, said that in order to provide enterprises with more convenient and faster services, we tried to introduce self-service voice services

in order to make this service effective, Shaoxing customs combed the enterprise management business handling and window consulting situation in its jurisdiction over the past year, summarized seven types of questions, including enterprise registration, annual report, IC card unlocking, handling business certificates, and organized business backbones to compile an index of questions to ensure that self-service voice replies are accurate and complete, so that enterprises can ask clearly and understand. Considering that enterprises may also involve personalized services in addition to regular business consulting needs, Shaoxing customs and the company providing self-service voice services have conducted multiple discussions on functional menus, delivery methods, service time and other matters. The preformed production device can also be integrated into other composite production technologies for communication and negotiation, so as to realize 7 * 24-hour self-service voice services and manual services during working hours. In this way, it not only reduces the pressure of window consultation, but also meets the needs of enterprises in all aspects, and realizes the precise service of manual consultation. Ji Yongxing said

since its opening one month ago, 1831 inquiries have been received, of which 1431 have been answered through self-service voice service, which truly provides a 24-hour intimate housekeeper for enterprises. Although this matter is small, it reflects the service attitude of the customs that is really for the sake of the enterprise. Shaoxing Shihua Co., Ltd. praised the pragmatic measures of Shaoxing customs with a banner that said it was responsible for being rigorous and careful, serving enterprises and implementing the integration of industry services

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