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Shantou Qijia Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. develops extrusion sheet equipment aiming at the direction of environmental protection

develops extrusion sheet equipment aiming at the direction of environmental protection

it may be no stranger to many people in the industry to mention corn starch degradable material, because it is a kind of non-toxic, harmless, biodegradable, and can completely replace foaming plastic, so this degradable material is very practical for food packaging, drug packaging Beverage packaging and other industrial product packaging can also be processed into tableware, cup and bowl containers, Christmas supplies, etc. At present, both at home and abroad attach great importance to the development, promotion and utilization of environmental protection packaging materials. However, it is a pity that the extrusion sheet equipment for producing this special biodegradable material has become a bottleneck due to its complex technology, high process requirements and difficult design. Although a few domestic manufacturers try to get involved in the research and development of this kind of products, unfortunately, no development results have been published, and some users have to import relevant equipment from abroad at a high price. However, because the formula of its degradation material is not suitable for China's national conditions, and the cost is too high, the effect is still not ideal, and the products are difficult to promote and apply

in order to meet the needs of the market and curb white pollution, as early as the mid-1990s, Shantou Qijia Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qijia company) began to set up a project to develop a production equipment for corn starch degradation sheets. Under the difficult situation that there is no technical reference for similar products at home and abroad, Wang Huiqun, general manager of Qijia company, personally supervised the battle and led the scientific and technological personnel to overcome the difficulties. Through bold innovation, careful analysis and many demonstrations, it took more than half a year to complete the product design work. In June 1998, it continued to increase the scientific and technological research and development and began trial production. With the full cooperation of all employees, The first prototype was soon launched in early 1999. After hard improvement, repeated tests and continuous improvement, the corn starch degradation extrusion sheet machine with independent intellectual property rights was finally developed in 2000, with all technical indicators meeting the design requirements. Its degradable materials and products can completely replace EPS foaming packaging and PVC plastic products. They are non-toxic and harmless. They degrade into fragments within 3 months and completely dissolve within 1 year. Canadian authorities have passed the test results of more than 260 biological indicators such as air, soil and water quality, and have no impact on the living environment of humans, animals and plants

compared with the traditional plastic extrusion sheet machine, why can Qijia's special equipment for starch degradation materials create such a miracle? Not long ago, the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province and the national patent office confirmed through inspection that this equipment has the following new technologies and processes:

1. Ingenious raw material formula technology. In the process of product development, the starch content of the original formula is 40% - 60%; Other additives are about 40%. Through experiments, it is found that although this formula product can be degraded, the degradation cycle is more than half a year longer than the original design time. Moreover, due to the low starch content, the cost of the whole product is nearly twice that of other similar products, so it is difficult to promote it to the market. According to the market survey at that time, domestic colleges and universities were also developing starch degradation materials, but also because of the low starch content, the product cost remained high, and they could not be popularized and gave up their research work one after another. Facing the problems of high product cost and low starch content, Qijia company is not discouraged. First, analyze all raw materials, and analyze the molecular components of starch and other additives one by one. According to the physical modification and chemistry of various raw materials under high temperature, biological action, light, water and other natural conditions, this paper will modify the high-frequency fatigue testing machine produced by Shandong gaokesida, Gradually found the chemical change law of raw materials, and gradually increased the content of corn starch, making a breakthrough in the research work; Secondly, the production equipment was also greatly improved according to the process characteristics of the formula. After countless small and medium-sized trials, the technical difficulty of increasing the starch content to 70% - 85% was finally overcome, and the degradation rate was also increased to 3 months. It began to degrade into fragments within one year, and its cost was close to the price of white foaming products, which laid the foundation for comprehensively solving the problem of white pollution

2. Improve the technology of traditional machinery. The traditional twin-screw plastic production equipment can not adapt to the production process of high filling raw materials in many aspects. One is the screw problem. According to the developed process formula and process, the powder after high-speed mixing is directly transported to the unit for processing into sheets without granulation. The traditional twin-screw machine cannot meet the process requirements of continuous pressurized mixing of starch raw materials in the transportation process. Qijia company improves the twin-screw of the traditional extruder by adding some special thread single pieces into a group of screws, each of which is stacked into an integrated six head mixing block, and the corresponding imitation screw pieces of the six head mixing block of the two screws are configured in pairs, so that after the starch raw material enters the unit, its chemical composition completely changes the composition in the transportation process and improves the degradation speed

3. The exhaust device updates the technology. For the traditional twin-screw extrusion equipment, the exhaust device is to reduce the pressure in the machine, but according to the new process requirements, it is to increase the pressure in the machine so that the materials can be fully kneaded. When the pressure exceeds the preset pressure, the unit will exhaust automatically and evenly, and the pressure should be normal, so an automatic air extraction device is specially installed

4. Fast change innovative technology. For the traditional twin-screw unit, if there are too many impurities in the unit, it needs to stop and change. Therefore, after the hydraulic automatic change device is installed in the unit, the sensor can automatically change in an instant when there are impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of changing without stopping

5. Configuration technology of metering melt pump. Traditional twin-screw extruders will affect the quality of products when the material pressure is too high or too low. After the metering melt pump is installed in the unit, its function is to control the balance of materials in the conveying process, maintain the unit pressure, and evenly extrude materials, so as to control the stability of material pressure and product quality

6. Innovative die technology. In the process of unit design, the included angle between the material flow channel in the die cavity and the horizontal line (screw axis) is 50-60, and the extruded sheet at the die outlet is just transported to the middle of the first and second rollers of the calender

7. Temperature control and adjustment technology of calendering roller. In the traditional twin-screw extruder, the calendering roller only plays a role of adding gloss and conveying to the material. The new unit adds automatic temperature control to the calendering roller, which aims to ensure the toughness of the sheet and automatically adjust the thickness of the sheet

8. Leading electrical technology. Each servo motor is equipped with a line speed sensor, which can control the operation of the unit according to the program compiled before work, so that the new unit can stably produce degradable products according to the best process formula

in addition, in terms of product process structure, the new unit adopts the co direction exhaust twin-screw meshing extrusion sheet, which is the first advanced and efficient mixing and extrusion equipment in China, mainly used for the production of high filled corn starch degradation sheet. Its properties are: high extrusion efficiency; Excellent exhaust performance; Low energy consumption; Uniform discharge; Three roller calendering with high precision; Trim edges neatly; Good winding effect; It has a wide adjustment range and can be used for sheet production of various high filling materials. The main innovations of the new unit are as follows: 1. Twin screw high-speed meshing type is adopted. 2. The barrel of this unit adopts a unique building block design. 3. The main engine can be combined into one-stage, two-stage or multi-stage vacuum exhaust structure. 4. Automatic quick change device. 5. The metering melt pump will equalize the pressure, so that the material is transported to the discharge die head in a balanced manner. 6. Roller synchronous adjusting device of calender. 7. Roller temperature regulating device of calender. 8. The die of the machine head of the unit is composed of two groups of unique die lips, with built-in heating and temperature automatic control system

if there is hard work, there will be gains, and if there is innovation, there will be results. After the successful introduction of the special extrusion sheet equipment for corn starch degradation of Qijia company, it has obtained 9 technical patents, and has been awarded the first and second prizes of scientific and technological progress by provinces and cities; Provincial and municipal patent technology Gold Award, private scientific and Technological Innovation Award; World Chinese business technological innovation award. At the appraisal meeting of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province, relevant experts agreed that this equipment technology of Qijia 2.3 metallographic analysis company not only ranks in the domestic leading position and fills the domestic gap, but also reaches the international advanced level. What aspects should Zhang, the former Secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee, pay attention to when using and depositing the electronic universal experimental machine? When the electronic universal experimental machine was used and stored, Dejiang, Shantou Municipal Party secretary Lin Musheng, leaders of the national patent office, leaders of Guangdong science and Technology Department, etc. after observing this high-tech equipment, they all fully affirmed and highly praised the achievements made by Qijia company in product innovation and environmental protection. At present, Qijia's special extrusion equipment for corn starch degradation materials has been officially listed as a national key high-tech product and a national Torch Program project. In addition to selling products in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China, some equipment has been exported to South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Southeast Asia and Latin America, and the market prospect is promising

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