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Which is better, Hisense hz55e52a and Hisense hz55e6t with 55 inch TV? Comments on distinguishing advantages and disadvantages

Hisense hot selling 55 inch New TV recommendations: Hisense hz55e52a and Hisense hz55e6t. Which is better, Hisense hz55e52a or Hisense hz55e6t? What is the difference? Let's take a look at the price appearance, configuration parameters, advantages and disadvantages of the two TVs. I hope it can help you choose these two Hisense TVs for reference

1. Price comparison between Hisense hz55e52a and Hisense hz55e6t:

1. Hisense hz55e52a: this TV is champagne gold in appearance. At present, it is officially scheduled to go on sale in September. Now, it is in the process of reservation. Hz55e52a is booked at 1 yuan to grab the privilege of 1666 yuan, and then enjoy the first launch gift [there is a link to the official flagship store at the end of the article. If you need to see it], the appearance drawing is as follows:

2. Hisense hz55e6t: the appearance color of this TV is champagne gold, At present, the official promotion price is ¥ 2799.00, and its appearance diagram is as follows:

from the appearance, Hisense Hz German Aerospace Center (DLR) recently showed a new technology 55e52a. The difference between Hisense hz55e6t TV and Hisense hz55e6t TV is not very big. The main difference is that the time of listing is different. Hisense hz55e52a has not yet been listed. It is expected to be listed on September 28. This TV is full screen, but this Hisense hz55e6t TV is not full screen

II. Comparison of configuration parameters:

1. Detailed configuration of Hisense hz55e52a:

III. comparison of advantages and disadvantages:

therefore, Hisense hz55e52a has a very large range of undeveloped resources

1. Comments on Hisense hz55e52a: This Hisense TV, which was launched in September recently, focuses on a full screen, has a high cost performance ratio, and is very thin. Friends in need can pay attention to it. The initial price is about 379, and there is always an error of about 9

2. Hisense hz55e6t comments: after repeated comparison for three days, we finally started Hisense. The cost performance, function, style and reputation are quite good. Sure enough, it didn't disappoint me. After receiving the 4K video test, it was read quickly and the picture was clear without jamming. The key price is close to the people


from the above price appearance, configuration parameter comparison and so on, the overall function of this Hisense hz55e52a is better, and the price is relatively higher. However, this Hisense hz55e52a has a high cost performance ratio. You can choose Hisense hz55e52a or Hisense hz55e6t TV according to your home decoration needs

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