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"4g+" and "Internet +" of Guangdong Unicom strongly supported the 13th five year plan of Guangdong Province issued by the people's Government of Guangdong Province at the end of last year, which proposed to adhere to the information-based leading development and build a new generation of high-speed, mobile, safe and ubiquitous information infrastructure in advance; Clearly put forward the need to implement the Internet + action plan, develop the sharing economy, and promote the deep integration of new Internet concepts, new models, and new technologies with economic and social fields; We will vigorously promote 4G networks, actively deploy 5g networks, achieve full coverage of wireless local areas in important areas and public places in the Pearl River Delta, and accelerate the construction of a world-class smart city cluster in the Pearl River Delta. All these deeply reflect that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the promotion of informatization and the development of interconnection + in Guangdong Province, especially the rise of new businesses, new models and new formats, all need the Fuller Participation and stronger support of ICT

on the morning of February 27, 2016, the first large-scale docking meeting between Guangdong Province and central enterprises during the 13th five year plan was held in Zhudao Hotel, Guangzhou. Huchunhua, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, zhuxiaodan, member of the CPC Central Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee and governor, xushaohua, member of the Standing Committee and executive vice governor of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, Zhang Yi, Secretary of the Party leadership group of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council Director xiaoyaqing and others attended the docking meeting. It is reported that more than 400 cooperation projects were signed at this matchmaking meeting, with an investment scale of more than 3trillion yuan. A total of 88 central enterprises and 11 central financial enterprises participated in the matchmaking meeting. There were five batches of 49 central enterprises collectively signing contracts on the scene. Lifushen, deputy general manager of China Unicom Group, signed the 13th five year project cooperation agreement with the people's Government of Guangdong Province on behalf of China Unicom, This marks that China Unicom Group and the people's Government of Guangdong Province took the lead in signing the framework agreement on promoting connectivity + strategic cooperation last year, and the two sides have further deepened cooperation

China Unicom has outstanding comprehensive strength, strong R & D capability, obvious advantages in capital, technology, talent, information and brand, and strong industrial control, influence and driving force. It is an important strategic partner for Guangdong Province to accelerate transformation and upgrading, adjust industrial structure and promote coordinated regional development. According to the agreement, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, China Unicom will build Guangdong mobile communication, optical fiber broadband and other basic communication network projects in Guangdong, take Guangdong Province as its important development base, and give full investment in personnel, capital, industrial support and management innovation to help Guangdong's economic development

as one of the largest provincial Jinan assays of China Unicom Group, there are mainly electronic universal testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, spring testing machine, pressure testing machine and other product level branches. Guangdong Unicom has always given full play to its advantages in Internet infrastructure, technological innovation and information resources, We will implement the specific implementation of the "Internet + strategic cooperation agreement" and the "13th five year plan" project cooperation agreement signed by the Guangdong provincial government and China Unicom Group in Guangdong Province, give full play to the advantages of "Internet + application" and "Wo 4g+ network", accelerate the targeted development of new special metal materials and infrastructure construction, and strongly support the implementation of the "13th five year plan" in Guangdong Province

at present, Guangdong Unicom is making a comprehensive deployment, increasing investment, accelerating construction speed, and striving to create the industry-leading 4g+ superexcellent network coverage. The 4G network has achieved continuous coverage in 21 cities, towns, key towns and other key areas in the province, which can fully meet the needs of customers who cannot be satisfied with ordinary clamps. At the same time, the enterprise is further strengthening the co construction and sharing of network resources, strengthening the coverage of urban areas and counties in depth, and strengthening the coverage of towns, villages and roads in breadth. It plans to basically achieve 4g+ excellent network coverage during May 17, 2016. By then, 21 cities, cities, towns, towns, traffic arteries and most administrative villages (natural villages) in the province will be covered continuously. In 2015, Guangdong Unicom deployed 4g+ networks in 21 cities across the province through dual carrier technology, with a speed as high as 300m. In the core business district, it achieved a peak speed of 370m or even higher through three carrier technology, and plans to basically achieve full coverage in 2016

in terms of fiber-optic access, Guangdong Unicom has implemented the spirit of the three-year action plan of the national speed increase and fee reduction and the provincial government's information infrastructure construction, accelerated the implementation of the group's focus strategy, and accelerated the fiber-optic transformation and fiber-optic network coverage through various ways of social cooperation. It is expected that by the end of 2016, more than 10million broadband ports will be built, and most users in cities and regions will achieve full fiber coverage, Broadband network fully realizes the ability to open 20m, 50m, 100m and other high-speed broadband services, supports interconnection + applications such as 4K UHD network TV and smart home, and greatly improves the 100m optical fiber access capacity of thousands of households. Guangdong Unicom will continue to strengthen the construction of smart home application platform, integrate value chain services, provide family users with intimate, convenient, safe and practical smart home solutions, and help the Internet + strategy enter the family

in addition, with the wave of Internet + sweeping all industries, Guangdong Unicom keenly grasped the general trend of the development of the times and took the lead in innovating and launching a series of government and people's livelihood information applications in the fields of government services, people-friendly services, finance, transportation, education and so on, so as to provide more convenient, fast, safe and reliable information services for the majority of users. In 2016, Guangdong Unicom will invest more research and development efforts in a wider range of fields. With the advantage of 4g+ network, Guangdong Unicom will vigorously promote the combination of Internet + application and innovation in various industries, so that government agencies, enterprises and people can fully enjoy more convenient, fast, safe and reliable information services, and establish the status of Internet + operation expert. First, the founder of interconnection + key capabilities, that is, the seamless coverage and continuous leadership of mobile broadband networks; Second, it is the promoter of Internet + hot spots, and has obtained the industrial ecological cooperation support from many powerful industrial chain partners in the industry; Third, it is an innovation guide for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and fully opens five platforms, including capital, big data, cloud computing, tongwo and woyungou; Fourth, the pioneer of Internet + enterprise transformation, the reform of integrated mechanism and system, and the leading role of operators. Fifth, innovative operators of Internet + emerging business forms have built entrepreneurship and innovation platforms for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises to boost the common transformation and upgrading of industries

as a pioneer in the implementation of the interconnection + strategy of China Unicom Group, Guangdong Unicom took the lead in building the five core communication capabilities of interconnection + in the industry, laying a solid foundation for continuously and effectively promoting the implementation of the interconnection + strategy. 4g+ chaozhuolo continues to maintain its industry leadership and provide users with excellent mobile experience; The industry-leading big data platform can provide important decision support capabilities for government departments and accurate operation capabilities for enterprises; The international IOT platform provides a full open interface, full life cycle management and full self-service platform for traditional manufacturing, energy, automotive, consumer electronics and other industries; Woyungou base and Internet service operation each country has set up one base and three major bases, namely, music base, to layout the mobile network; The completed cloud data center can provide services to the government, Internet companies and enterprises that converge in South China and radiate internationally, build a basic ecosystem for customers, and promote win-win cooperation among all parties. Supported by the software and hardware of the five core communication capabilities, Guangdong Unicom will fully cooperate with various industrial chains and customers with strong and open basic capabilities to jointly promote the implementation of the 13th five year plan of Guangdong Province

taking the opportunity of the 13th five year strategic cooperation docking meeting between Guangdong Province and central enterprises, Guangdong Unicom will actively implement the relevant requirements put forward in the 13th five year plan of Guangdong Province, focus on building a high-speed, safe and ubiquitous new generation of information infrastructure, build the industry's leading infrastructure, actively promote public services and industry transformation and upgrading, and provide public entrepreneurship With the innovative whole process professional services, Wanzhong will build itself into an Internet + operation expert, and make positive contributions to Guangdong Internet + and the 13th five year plan and construction of Guangdong Province with the attitude of forge ahead, openness and cooperation

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