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520. XCMG loves the motherland in this way

for love, for you

it is May. Spring and summer alternate. Everything enters the important season of peak season growth. On May 20, in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, the world's largest crane manufacturing base, a distinctive "for love, for you" 2019 quality upgraded g generation listing activity presented a gift to the 70th anniversary of the national day

at the event site, nearly 30 XCMG lifting equipment presented the shape of "ships sailing" to welcome guests from all over the world. Known as the "strongest driver", xca1600 ton all terrain crane navigates the bow, surrounded by 14 upgraded g generation new products, such as the two wings of the ship, and 186 XCMG crane front-line employees, technical experts, and labor models, forming a staff square with the word "70", presenting a gift to the 70th anniversary of the motherland in the unique way of XCMG workers, which means that XCMG's giant ship is sailing to a new blue ocean

for you, g-generation new product re assembly appeared at the scene. It was seen that the fully upgraded g-generation quality upgraded crane, in addition to continuing the design concept of G technology platform based on the improvement of product life cycle value and greatly improving the service life of jgj88 ⑼ 2 safety technical specification for gantry and well frame material hoists, is more intelligent, humanized, comfortable Up to 200 upgrades and optimizations have been realized in terms of security and energy saving

but the rigidity is good at the listing event. Sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery and general manager of the lifting machinery business department, said: on this special day, we not only express our enthusiasm for loving the motherland, customers, enterprises and employees in this way, but also create a value-added experience of high applicability, high reliability and high comfort for global customers

"as the direct user of the crane, the crane operator will be truly respected and cared for", "XCMG is very considerate in launching regional models for different climates, landforms and operating environments around the world", "it's amazing to operate the crane so easily", "it's so loving, XCMG I love you"...

when seeing the beautiful workers holding iPads to easily control the xca60e lifting basket and hand it to them, When taking out the flowers symbolizing XCMG love you from the flower blue, the overseas customers at the scene praised: "China crane is trying to create car quality and use experience"

may 20, because of its homonym "I love you", was sought after by the younger generation and became a public "white day"

yes, I it is found that the load applied to the test piece is proportional to the swing angle of the pendulum inside the machine do! A surprise proposal by the post-90s once again brought the atmosphere to a climax, and the love activity brought the expression of love. In fact, at XCMG, there are many couples' files and couples' files. They work together to contribute silently to their own small family and even to everyone in the motherland

for customers, XCMG welcomes guests and friends all over the world.

"I want to visit XCMG China." Under the guidance of internationalization strategy, XCMG has made remarkable achievements in expanding and deepening overseas markets. At the beginning of this year, XCMG hoisting machinery launched 25 overseas models for different countries and regions at one fell swoop, and the broken bureau exploration triggered industry tremor. Up to now, XCMG hoisting machinery has developed and completed 58 models of highly adaptable overseas models, and more than 200 details of quality upgraded products, which will also be fully applied to overseas models

a series of customized measures, such as the setting of vehicle jib, humanized adjustment of cab, optimization of electrical waterproof and slewing performance, have enabled overseas users to experience XCMG crane's customer-oriented innovation concept and quality requirements for excellence from details. We are glad to see that among the major projects under construction in countries along the the Belt and Road, the construction machinery and equipment from XCMG occupy an increasingly important position

liujiansen, vice president of XCMG machinery and general manager of import and export company, said that XCMG ranked first in sales in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Central Asia in countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road", and has become the preferred brand of local construction machinery

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. XCMG hoisting machinery has intensively launched a number of new products. One by one, cranes that exceed industry standards and catch up with international standards have added luster to the golden card of "made in China". At the 2019 quality upgraded g generation listing activity site, the older generation of craftsmen from big countries, the backbone representatives of crane R & D and manufacturing front line, the future strength of enterprise development, and three generations of Xu workers gathered to express their most sincere and affectionate respects and blessings to the motherland with a high attitude

at the age of 90, three older generation craftsmen, Zhang Zhongqi, the national model worker Zhang Jiazhong, the former deputy chief engineer of XCMG heavy, and the earthquake relief hero who participated in the Tangshan and Wenchuan earthquake relief, who were met by Chairman Mao twice, slowly stepped onto the stage

"the older generation of XCMG workers bear the imprint of the times. They are benchmarks, models and the background of XCMG culture." Lin Hai, deputy secretary of the Party committee of XCMG hoisting machinery division, said affectionately

at the scene, the technical backbone of XCMG's crane R & D and manufacturing front line, together with the representatives of the employees' children, presented model honor cards and flowers to the older generation of craftsmen, and hung red flowers for the cranes that will soon go to Beijing to participate in the 70th anniversary celebration. "Over the past 76 years, worker Xu has used the most simple hands and the most dedicated ingenuity to create a batch of high-quality products in the industry. I am sincerely proud and excited to see the launch of generation g new products and to use this way to find many enterprises to design this equipment to celebrate the 70th anniversary of CRRC." Peng duo was filled with emotion

generation after generation of Xu workers have never forgotten their original intentions, passed down from generation to generation, and set up the backbone of equipping China with technological innovation. Xu workers not only express their enthusiasm for the motherland in a special way, but also help the global construction with brand-new products. In the process of realizing the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation, XCMG will unswervingly contribute its wisdom and strength

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