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500A vehicle mounted diesel generator and welding machine

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500a vehicle mounted diesel power generation and welding dual-purpose machine adopts the same power generation winding for power generation and welding, and uses high-frequency inverter technology to convert the power generation input into the voltage and current required for welding, which significantly reduces the volume, weight and consumption of the welding machine and improves the parts effectiveness of the welding machine. At the same time, because the task is in high-frequency condition, the welding penetration is strong, the molten pool is deep, and it has the characteristics of easy arc striking, small splash, stable current, good forming, etc It is beneficial to improve the quality of welding products.

500a vehicle mounted diesel power generation and electric welding machine is compact and stable, small in size, easy to move, ultra-low in fuel consumption, portable with high temperature, long in life, safe, reliable and quiet. The power generation electric welding machine has strong adaptability and high efficiency, reaching the international leading level. Generators are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology and daily life

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to500-j double handle diesel electric welding machine (daniaze power toyoti)

product No. to500a-j

format mute

drive style direct connection

additional input power kw 40

insulation grade f

landing characteristics of electric welding machine

single handle current scheduling range a

double handle current scheduling range a

continuity rate 100%

rectifier style DC input

shared electrode 2 0mm

voltage fluctuation active dispatching

shared electrode φ Mm 2.0 ~ 8.0

generator power

additional input kW 13

maximum input kW 15

generator (three-phase four wire)

additional voltage V 220 × 380

power makes your work more secure factor% 100 (2) resistance spot welding

task status continuous


call 4100dce (yototi)

situation four cylinder water-cooled diesel engine

number of cylinder blocks 4

exhaust volume 1400cc

additional rpm to react with epichlorohydrin 3000

starting style electric

fuel model 0 diesel (summer) -10 diesel (winter)


task ambient temperature ℃ -20 ~ 40

fuel tank capacity L 38

maximum size mm 1900*1220*890

gross weight kg 530/550kg

noise DB 70

engine oil volume 3.5l

continuous task 12h

routine operation will not show any results for after-sales electric welding machines like this power generation machine. If vulnerable parts or reward operation show some small results, Danize's after-sales technology will help you deal with it directly. We will send you the spare parts by express delivery. If it is a mechanical problem, such as power or motor performance, no matter where you bought your machine, it needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance. During the warranty period, only if all the costs arising from the mechanical quality performance are borne by our manufacturer

4. After sales: how can I get the goods after I buy danieze power generation welding machine

answer: the customer service replied that "danianze" brand welding machines are mainly consigned by logistics, and collaborative logistics is a major logistics in the world. If they don't come to the logistics point from you, we will take other special lines for logistics, and the machinery will be guaranteed for one year! Lifetime supply of accessories and device protection

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