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5g, artificial intelligence and industrial interconnection will lead industrial development. On May 26 and 29, 2019 China international big data industry expo was held in Guiyang. The 4-day digital Expo attracted 448 enterprises from 55 countries and regions, 9 high-end dialogues, 53 professional forums and business forums, 18 exhibition hall activities, 26 digital Expo releases, 6 competitions, 24 series activities, and 26 sub activities in other cities (prefectures) (including 20 forums), totaling 162 activities

through the Expo, it is not difficult to find that this digital Expo has led China's catman4.5 data strategic action as big as HBM in new fields such as 5g, artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection and IOT

industrial interconnection has become a new wind indicator for industrial development. There are different requirements for surface roughness/p>

in this digital fair, industrial interconnection has become a hot topic

the essence and core of industrial interconnection is to closely connect and integrate equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products and customers through the industrial interconnection platform

the market potential of industrial interconnection will far exceed that of consumer IOT. At present, the global industrial interconnection service market is about US $41.25 billion. By 2020, the output value of industrial interconnection may reach US $174billion, and by 2030, the output value will reach US $1.5 trillion

at the industrial interconnection application development forum of this digital Expo, well-known experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from the industrial interconnection field helped Chinese enterprises' application transformation and future digital transformation by focusing on industrial interconnection technology solutions and application scenarios

many experts have said that industrial interconnection is a synonym for digitalization. In the process of developing industrial interconnection, it is necessary to accurately position the interconnection function, promote the cloud on devices and products, build a big data lake, take big data as the basis of digital transformation, and use existing AI and other tools to mine the data lake resources, find value-added and enabling function points, so as to realize the maximum mining of greater value, Boost industrial interconnection to usher in a new development opportunity, and promote the digital transformation of traditional enterprises

5g Zhilian everything enables all walks of life

at the 2019 China international big data industry expo, the combination of 5g technology and big data has become a new highlight of the Expo. Thanks to 5g, the application field of big data will be greatly expanded

throughout the digital fair, we can see the technical background of Chinese enterprises in terms of 5g terminal chips, 5g base station chips and AI chips. In addition, there are new application scenarios such as 5g intelligence, live video, unmanned driving and telemedicine

many professionals believe that 5g technology will also be widely used in many aspects of production and life in the future. Scenes that cannot be satisfied by 4G communication technology at present, such as automatic driving, mobile medical treatment, remote operation of complex mechanical equipment, etc., will be the fields where 5g will show its strength. Through 5g network, it can be associated with many devices in the scene dominated by automation technology, robots, smart homes and innovative enterprises, so as to transmit and share all kinds of information, conduct data analysis and system management, so as to greatly reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency and production accuracy

artificial intelligence will be everywhere in the future.

the fourth industrial revolution will come in ten years, and artificial intelligence will be the core technology. Gaowen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering for continuous independent innovation and technological reform, Professor of Peking University, and chairman of the Chinese computer society, proposed at the high-end forum of the digital Expo

according to the latest report released by IDC, a market consulting firm, the scale of China's artificial intelligence market reached US $1.76 billion (about RMB 12.1 billion) in 2018 and will reach US $11.9 billion (about RMB 82 billion) by 2023. Thanks to the open market environment and high attention to intelligent technology, China has indeed made great achievements in the application of artificial intelligence. China's artificial intelligence solutions have accounted for 9% of the global market

in fact, AI has quietly appeared in our lives, realizing the integration with multiple industries. As one of the top artificial intelligence laboratories under Tencent, utu laboratory brings three AI black technologies to the stage. The OCR recognition technology that can quickly read all kinds of words and graphics, the commodity recognition technology that is not afraid of all kinds of cumbersome containers, and the AI eye visionseed that can give warm tips when driving under fatigue and with irregular driving posture attract a large number of viewers to experience the cool and interesting black technology

in the digital Expo venues, AI robots such as selling robots, intelligent interactive large screen 2.0 robots and interactive inquiry robots can be seen everywhere, which are real intelligent application scenarios and create a digital exhibition space for participants

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