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500 robots support the world's first 8.5 generation LCD production line

500 robots support the world's first 8.5 generation LCD production line. When you walk into Nanjing CLP panda flat panel display technology Co., Ltd., you can almost see that the growth rate of sci-fi plastic film prototype is higher than that in most manufacturing films - robots are produced in a fast and orderly manner, and the staff are clean and tidy. They are only responsible for adjusting parameters and monitoring computers. At the other end of the assembly line, products are continuously produced. There is the world's first 8.5 generation thin film transistor liquid crystal display device production line (G108) with oxide (igzo) technology, and there are 500 robots in the whole factory

Panda Electronics was once the pride of Nanjing people. Now, with the help of capital and technology, this brand has completed a magnificent transformation

8 of Nanjing CEC panda flat panel display technology Co., Ltd. in March, 2015. The 5th generation LCD panel production line was completed and put into operation, which is the world's leading ultra-high resolution LCD panel production line using metal oxide igzo technology. It is understood that igzo metal oxide is an innovative application of liquid crystal screen materials. After adopting igzo metal oxide technology, it shows that China still has a great demand for such talents for a long time in the future. The LCD panel can be made thinner and lighter than before, the power consumption will be greatly reduced, and the resolution and contrast of the produced LCD screen will be greatly improved. At the same time, this technology can be compatible with the production of large, medium and small LCD panels of various sizes, with a yield of more than 95%

at present, Nanjing zhonglasuoli electric panda flat panel display technology Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 93.93 million LCD panels and a sales revenue of 26.71 billion yuan. The production line can cover five categories of panel and module products, including, tablet computer, notebook computer, monitor and TV, which are unnecessary. While building the 8.5 generation line, the company has built a flat panel display R & D center at the same time. The R & D center is committed to conducting research on Key Technologies of flat panel display technology, process, materials and equipment

in addition to products related to intelligent manufacturing, the whole production process is also completely intelligent

in this company's array factory, there are not a large number of workers. Instead, 500 robots and 8000 sets of power equipment are used. It is reported that compared with the production line of full manual production, the production line of the flat panel company has higher production efficiency, higher quality and much less loss

according to zhangshichao, director of intelligent manufacturing of tablet company, it is of great significance to reduce the cost in the manufacturing process, and the construction of intelligent manufacturing is particularly important. After the construction of intelligent manufacturing, in 2016, the total industrial output value of CLP panda tablet Co., Ltd. increased by 209% year-on-year, the total profit increased by 252% year-on-year, and the yield of products also improved significantly. In addition, the work efficiency of the staff was also improved. The per capita maintenance capacity of the maintenance personnel in the manufacturing department was increased from 785 to 1249 pieces per month, with an efficiency increase of 59%

in 2016, since the actual installation of each system, the energy consumption cost of a single substrate decreased by 40 yuan; In the second half of 2016, the company saved 33.2 million yuan in energy consumption. At the same time, the annual photovoltaic power generation is 3.9 million kwh, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 3100 tons/year. All these have made great contributions to the company's energy conservation, cost reduction and ecological development

zhangshichao said that intelligent manufacturing technology is the inevitable trend of the development of advanced manufacturing technology and the inevitable demand of the development of manufacturing industry in the future. It is to seize the commanding height of industrial development and an important guarantee for China's transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful country. In the future, Nanjing CLP panda flat panel display Co., Ltd. will continue to promote the intelligent process of production and operation, continue to strengthen the integration and interaction between production and operation systems, effectively utilize advanced production equipment by establishing a perfect intelligent manufacturing management system, and comprehensively improve the brand value and product competitiveness of the enterprise

source: Tencent Dasu

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