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In decoration, the purchase of water pipes is very critical. As the primary material of concealed works, do you know what aspects you need to look at when purchasing it? Come and have a look

in the decoration, the purchase of water pipes is very important. As the primary material of concealed works, do you know what aspects to look at when purchasing it? Come and have a look. Look at the appearance. When purchasing plastic water pipes, first look at whether the color and gloss are uniform, and whether the outer wall of the pipe is marked with trademark, specification, temperature, pressure, production batch number, production date and actual origin; Second, check whether there is a hygiene license. Water pipes without sanitation license cannot be used for drinking water pipes

smell plastic water pipes are extruded from plastic raw materials by extruders. Most plastic raw materials are non-toxic and tasteless. Illegal businesses will add recycled toxic plastics to the pipes in order to save costs or their own technology does not meet the standards. When buying, consumers can smell the water pipe with their nose first to see if there is any pungent smell. The plastic water pipe with good quality should be free of any peculiar smell

plastic pipes with good performance and quality can be easily bent without breaking, PPR pipes can even be bent into a circle, while low-quality plastic pipes are brittle and break as soon as they are bent. Consumers can also take a small sample of plastic water pipes and soak them in high-temperature hot water. Good quality plastic water pipes will still maintain their original hardness, while poor quality water pipes will soften at about 60 degrees

when paying attention to purchase, we should pay attention to the purchase of regular agent stores with pipe authorization, so as to enjoy better installation services; Second, pay attention to whether the purchased pipes and pipe fittings are produced by the same manufacturer. The expansion coefficients of products from different manufacturers are different, and the risk of water leakage increases after long-term use; Third, we should pay attention to asking for product service cards. Most water pipe manufacturers will have a 50 year warranty

editor's comment: it's clearly a new building, but the sewer is always blocked; It was only decorated, but the ceiling was bubbling and moldy; It's likely that your concealed water pipe project is not done well! Wherever you can't see, you should pay more attention, and the concealed works of household water pipes need to be done in place





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