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Why do you still find that there is a gap between the settlement amount and your own expectations when doing the project settlement

ask for the reference quotation for water and electricity transformation

why do you still find that there is a gap between the settlement amount and your own expectations when doing the project settlement? In fact, in addition to the cost changes caused by engineering changes during the construction process, the main reason is the hydropower transformation. It turned out that when the decoration company signed the home decoration contract with consumers, because some on-site conditions were not very clear at this time, the quotation generally marked the unit price of the hydropower transformation project, and the total cost of the project did not include the cost of hydropower transformation. When the project is settled, the settlement of all projects is done, and the gap is inevitable

therefore, it is recommended that you try to ask the decoration company to give you a reference quotation for hydropower transformation in the project quotation

design drawings should be fully prepared

many disputes over home decoration are reflected in the understanding of the project. For example, due to the lack of detailed drawings, there may be some gaps between the designer and you in the understanding of some project shapes, and there may also be gaps in the specific dimensions of some projects because the drawings are not clear

therefore, it is recommended that you try to prepare the drawings as well as possible when signing the contract, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble after starting the work in these aspects

pay attention to the construction details in the contract documents

a relatively complete home decoration contract should include the construction process, construction plan and material purchase order of Party A and Party B of key construction projects in addition to the project budget and design drawings

construction technology is a magic weapon to restrict the construction party to strictly implement the agreed process practices and prevent Jerry building. The construction plan is also very important, because now the phenomenon of delaying the construction period of home decoration is everywhere

choosing the right decoration company is the first priority

every time we encounter the owner choosing a decoration company, we also feel sympathy, because it really depends on luck whether you can be satisfied with the decoration. I don't think any decoration company will be perfect. Every case will have success and failure. Success depends on various factors, including the mentality of the owner, the sense of responsibility of the designer, and the service quality of the decoration company, The key is also the cooperation between the owner and the designer and the decoration company. Some people say that something from the same company is good, but others say it is bad. Some things made by the same company are good and some are not good

an owner said that his colleague's home decoration company was looking for a good company, but that company was being complained about because of a uncompleted project, which didn't mean to deny the company if a project was bad, but whether this kind of good luck or bad luck could come to you really depends on your luck. According to my experience, the most critical thing that depends on the quality of the project is the cooperation between the owner, the designer and the decoration company, so before decoration, we must first choose a suitable decoration company

the choice of designers is very important

the choice of designers is also very critical. A good designer can save you a little bit and be relatively strict in the project. It is suggested to make friends with designers. Don't be too talkative or too harsh. There is a popular saying in the design circle that designers are like prostitutes, which means that customers have to agree to all kinds of unreasonable requirements. It is important to ensure the passion of the designer's creation. First of all, let's see if his past things are what you like. If they are not at all, there is no need to talk about them at all. If the designer changes the style for you, it is usually a pure business operation without passion. Give the designer a little space. If you like his style, you should recognize his things and give trust. In this way, he will be motivated to track your quality for completing a work, Of course, a designer with purely commercial purposes is not applicable. Your trust in him will only become a reason to save trouble. It's better to know more and communicate more

it's better to know the authenticity of the designer's works. Now there are many designer pasters. The picture renderings downloaded casually and even the site of other designers can become their works. Just keep in mind

know it well before signing the contract

the most important principle to grasp when signing the home decoration contract is that there should be no doubt in mind when signing the contract. When you come to the home decoration company, you need to know a lot: about project quality, about decoration materials, about design, about after-sales service, about complaints, about decoration contracts, and so on. When it comes to a company, there are still some strengths and weaknesses. For these problems, try not to rush to sign a contract before you know it well

also, if the decoration company changes negotiators frequently in the process of negotiation with you, you should understand the reason. If it is because of personnel mobility, you should be more cautious when signing the contract





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