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After the decoration of the new house, I'll have a crazy sun in the circle of friends! Looking at such a beautiful house, relatives and friends boast of its high grade. Friends also came to learn from it, but when they heard that the decoration cost a total of 500000, they were “ Scare away ” Yes! My friend said that I spent 200000 yuan to decorate and felt very painful. You actually spent 500000 yuan. The decoration cost of the house really can't be determined by your eyes. For the same effect, maybe you spent 10 yuan, but I spent 20 yuan. The main thing is the quality of things. Home decoration materials are better and environmentally friendly

a hallway comes into the gate. The shoe cabinet has no characteristics, which is the traditional American style modeling, but it looks very beautiful and magnificent. In addition, the tiles on the floor are specially shaped, and the tiles with flower patterns make people shine at the first sight when entering the door

the TV background wall is decorated by a combination of cabinets, bookshelf style cabinets on both sides, and a relatively protruding TV cabinet in the middle, which will look more layered. Some books and photos are placed on the shelves on both sides, which is also very artistic with a faint fragrance of books

the American sofa in the living room has a full visual effect, which makes people feel comfortable to sit down at the first sight. There is also the choice of ceiling lamp. The lamp with iron frame is very atmospheric. At the same time, if the lampshade is downward, there will be no problem of serious ash falling and difficult cleaning. So be careful when choosing lights

the balcony can also be called a small terrace, because the area is really large. The large wall cabinet embedded on the side and the super large capacity make the surroundings look clean and tidy without any sundries

I forgot the specific name of the kitchen color. It's a deep color, which looks very atmospheric and special at the same time

the old wardrobe in the bedroom has a retro flavor, which makes the room look more charming and classy

in the children's room of the second bedroom, the sky blue wall paint brightens the whole room and makes it look fresh and atmospheric

the story of cloakroom and bathroom! There is a cloakroom around the bathroom leading to the master bedroom, which is highly utilized

although many people don't like antique bricks in public bathrooms, they have to admit that they are very dirt resistant. The wall is also made of waist line, which looks very beautiful and atmospheric





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