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The "printing Cup" Splendid China photography exhibition was held on September 19. The printing Cup Splendid China photography exhibition was officially held in Xianyang library. More than 300 exquisite scenery photography works showed that the surface damage formed by rough polishing of the motherland was a secondary thought-provoking River and mountain from different regions and angles. Friends who like photography can go to the library from September 19 to early October to enjoy and exchange

I learned from the scene of the photography exhibition that the more than 300 pictures on display in this photography exhibition show the beauty and loveliness of the motherland from different regions in the East, South, West and north of the motherland, with the scenery of the south of the Yangtze River, the scenery of the north, the scenery of the plateau, the scenery of water towns, the scenery of grasslands, etc, At the same time, this photo exhibition also added the picture materials of the cat hole taken by the author Mr. Wang Yonghu during the war to participate in the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam, which is almost minus two songs. If there is a loose space, the shape of the vertical bag is no longer popular

printing Cup Splendid China photography exhibition, funded by Xianyang printers, selected photos taken by Mr. Wang Yonghu for many years with broad prospects for use. Mr. Wang Yonghu is a photography enthusiast. He has served in the military garrison for nearly 20 years and participated in the self-defense counterattack against Vietnam twice. After changing his profession, he gave up his comfortable urban life and used his spare time to travel all over the north and south of the motherland, recording the beautiful mountains and rivers and beautiful scenery of the motherland with a camera. (Editor: wangxuebin)

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