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Common sense of safe use of agricultural machinery (I)

I. common sense of use of agricultural machinery

1 Before using agricultural machinery, you must carefully read the operating instructions of diesel engine and agricultural machinery, and remember the correct operation and operation methods

2. Fully understand the warning label and always keep it clean. If it is damaged or left behind, our service team can help you disassemble the machine correctly and pack it for transportation. You must reorder and paste it again

3. Agricultural machinery users must receive special training and obtain a driving license before using agricultural machinery

4. It is strictly forbidden for people who feel unwell, tired, lack of sleep, drunk, pregnant, color blind, mentally abnormal and under the age of 18 to operate machinery

5. Drivers and agricultural machinery operators should wear clothes that meet the requirements of labor protection. Sandals, slippers, loose clothes or clothes whose cuffs cannot be buttoned are prohibited to avoid being entangled by rotating parts and causing injury

6. It is strictly forbidden to take others except the driver, and the seat must be fixed firmly. It is strictly forbidden to sit on agricultural machines and tools without seats

7. Keep children away from the machine during operation, inspection and maintenance to avoid danger

8. It is not allowed to refit agricultural machinery without authorization, so as to avoid the degradation of machine performance, machine damage or personal injury

9. Do not adjust the opening pressure of the safety valve of the hydraulic system at will

10. Agricultural machinery shall not be overloaded or overloaded, so as to avoid overloading and damage

II. Common sense of agricultural machinery driving

1 Slow down when driving on a ramp

about the output results of the electronic universal tensile machine 2 Do not drive on the inclined ground with the front, rear, left and right of more than 10 degrees

3. You cannot turn on slopes and sloping ground

4. When starting agricultural machinery on a slope, do not release the brake. First step on the clutch pedal, engage the low gear, and then slowly engage the clutch. Release the brake after starting transmission. At the same time, pay attention to the coordination control of the accelerator

5. Agricultural machinery should drive at a low speed when entering and leaving the hangar, going up and down slopes, crossing bridges, towns, villages, culverts, ferries, curves and narrow sections. Understand the load limit of the bridge, the height and width of the culvert, the size of the slope and the weight limit of the ferry in advance, and then pass through after ensuring safety

6. Avoid driving on fragile roads near ditches, caves, dams, etc. the weight of agricultural machinery may cause road collapse and cause danger

7. When agricultural machinery passes through the railway, check left and right in advance, and then pass when there is no train passing; Pay attention to the operation of agricultural machinery when driving on the railway to prevent flameout

8. On the smooth road surface, the operating tensile strength, constant force elongation, constant elongation force value, yield strength longitudinal and braking force are limited by the tire adhesion. On the wet road surface, the front expanding and strengthening rare earth industrial wheel will slide, and the steering performance of agricultural machinery will become worse, which should be paid special attention

9. When driving at night, turn on the headlights and turn off other operation indicators

10. Do not get on or off agricultural machinery while it is moving

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