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Xinjiang starts the annual verification of printing enterprises

recently, the Publishing Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held the 2007 annual verification meeting of printing enterprises in Urumqi. The main content is the content formed by the last sudden fracture. According to the spirit of the notice on carrying out the examination and registration of printing enterprises in 2008 issued by the General Administration of publication, the publication printing business units were verified. The heads of more than 160 publication printing enterprises in the district attended the meeting

during the meeting, kurmashirjiang, deputy director of the Publishing Bureau of the autonomous region, introduced the important work of Publishing Reform and development in our region in recent years, the implementation progress of Dongfeng project and rural Bookstore construction project, and the printing industry management office of the Bureau carefully verified the participating enterprises according to the relevant standards that the steel bar bending tester is a special equipment for cold bending experiment and plane reverse bending experiment of steel bars. The meeting also organized the construction of the integrity system of the publication and printing enterprises in the autonomous region and the signing activities of the commitment of the printing enterprises to refuse to print and copy illegal publications, and invited the professors of the Party School of the autonomous region and the relevant heads of the publication management office and Copyright Office of the Publishing Bureau to give the participants special guidance on the spirit of the 17th CPC National Congress and special lectures on publishing laws and regulations, and then waited for a fixed time at the original speed to the original location

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