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The printing design industry should be a leader in the cultural industry

the Shenzhen printing design industry symposium was held in Wuzhou Hotel yesterday morning. A group of famous printing industry bosses and design masters from Shenzhen gathered together to jointly analyze the current situation and future development trend of the printing design industry in Shenzhen, and offer suggestions and suggestions for the development of the cultural industry in Shenzhen. Li Yizhen, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, Wang Jingsheng, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Minister of publicity, and Yan Xiaopei, vice mayor, attended the meeting. They said that they would further support and promote the development of the printing and design industry in the future, strive to become bigger and stronger, and play a greater role in the development of Shenzhen's cultural industry and the construction of urban civilization

the printing industry in Shenzhen has maintained a high-speed growth trend. At present, Shenzhen has developed into the most important high-end boutique printing center in China, and it is also one of the three major printing bases in China, which are tied with Beijing and Shanghai. At present, there are 1879 printing enterprises in the city. In 2004, the total industrial output value exceeded 19 billion yuan, realizing an added value of 5.884 billion yuan, accounting for 36.01% of the added value of the city's cultural industry. Among the top 100 Chinese printing enterprises selected by China Printing magazine, Shenzhen printing enterprises accounted for 19 of the top three, with total sales accounting for 30% of the total sales of the top 100

the printing industry in Shenzhen has also created an unparalleled group of graphic designers in China. Shenzhen has produced many outstanding international design masters, who have won almost all the world's top design competitions and international exhibitions. In the world's most authoritative designer organization - International Design Alliance (AGI), there are four members in mainland China, and Shenzhen accounts for two - Wang Yuefei and Chen Shaohua. Today, there is an active graphic designer team of 20000 people in Shenzhen. Shenzhen has also become an important design town in Asia and the core city of modern design in China

Li Yizhen thanked the printing design industry for its long-term contribution to the development of Shenzhen's cultural industry. He pointed out that the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have always paid great attention to and strongly supported the design industry of Shenzhen's printing industry. In recent years, they have clearly proposed to build Shenzhen into a "city of design", and create a good home buying atmosphere and good development conditions for Shenzhen's printing design industry through various forms. In the near future, the city will also hold a working conference on the cultural industry, formulate and issue a series of policy documents to promote the development of the cultural industry, and further accelerate the development of the cultural industry. The printing design industry in Shenzhen will also be further expanded and strengthened, and together with the animation, media and film and television production industries, it will become the leading industry in Shenzhen's cultural industry

Li Yizhen said that Shenzhen's printing industry and design team rely on each other. At present, a complete industrial chain has been formed, which has a good foundation and broad development prospects. Shenzhen has the ability and ability to create a better development environment for practitioners in the printing and design industry, and provide more powerful guidance and more meticulous and thoughtful services. At present, Shenzhen has gathered many outstanding international design masters. In the future, it will further introduce medium and high skilled talents, adjust the talent education structure in Shenzhen, and cultivate its own printing design talents based on it; Shenzhen will also actively hold large-scale design art exhibitions, create a platform for designers to communicate and collide with each other, and promote extensive dialogue and exchanges between Shenzhen designers and domestic and international designers; Shenzhen will also create a good environment for independent innovation and entrepreneurship, give full play to the role of Shenzhen printing industry association, Shenzhen Design Industry Association and other industry associations, and let the Shenzhen printing and design industry embark on a more benign and vigorous development track. Li Yizhen hopes that Shenzhen's printing industry and design industry practitioners will also make active efforts to build Shenzhen into a "city of design" full of artistic innovation, drive the development of Shenzhen's cultural industry, and make contributions to China's cultural industry to the world

delegates spoke freely at the symposium. CEOs from Xingguang, Lifeng Accor, Heidelberg, jiaxinda, Jinjia, Hongxing, Bluestar and other printing enterprises put forward that the upgrading momentum of Shenzhen's printing industry is obvious, and it has gradually developed into a diversified and comprehensive industry. Its service scope has exceeded the traditional concept of "printing". A considerable number of printing enterprises have begun to get involved in publishing, media, creative planning, art collection, binding design and other related industries, And develop to high-tech printing industry. They suggested that the relevant government departments should implement classified management of existing printing enterprises, integrate resources of decentralized small and medium-sized enterprises, and give policy support to large printing enterprises and printing enterprises committed to high and new technology, which is an ideal modifier to improve the performance of asphalt; It is suggested to establish printing R & D centers or industrial parks, introduce and cultivate printing talents, and guide the healthy development of Shenzhen printing industry

The symposium was presided over by Wang Jingsheng. He said that he would carefully summarize the opinions put forward by the delegates. Therefore, when using it, we should pay attention to its technical advantages and suggestions, and conduct special research on it, so that good suggestions can be implemented as soon as possible. Yan Xiaopei said that the development of Shenzhen's printing design industry should be promoted from three aspects: the introduction and training of talents, the establishment of research and development centers, the improvement of technological content and the creation of an environment that encourages innovation. Also attending the symposium were the heads of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal Bureau of culture, Shenzhen printing industry association and Shenzhen Design Industry Association

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