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Printing point: provide a feasible choice for halftone proofing

nowadays, the trademark of packaging often needs to predict the characteristics of products and convey the information of products, which requires the use of logo color and spot color for identification in the sample of packaging, that is, low-speed loading first. This has always been the conflict between digital halftone proofing technology and packaging and printing. However, with the research on new technologies, suppliers continue to provide new materials for the packaging market, and halftone proofing technology has made great progress

communicate with authorities

usually, suppliers sell much more products to production and output companies than to printers. Mark vanover, marketing manager of creoscitex, pointed out that the company's sales business was to some extent determined by trading companies and prepress service providers. Similarly, Ken theodos, product manager of Kodak polychrome graphics, said that more than 90% of the company's systems used in the packaging field are prepress services

why is there such a big gap? Perhaps printers are used to the situation that they can't produce packaging products with good performance. Don Schroeder, a senior manager of color proofing Product Development Department of Fuji graphic systems division, said, "the current problem is that the equipment cannot accurately simulate or create PMS spot colors."

driven by the interests of the packaging market, suppliers are actively exploring ways to solve problems. Fuji company has been actively exploring in the past two years, and has made a color library for finalproof halftone equipment with Pantone ink, making it conform to the standard PMS model of Pantone company

creoscitex encountered spot color problems when using its color combiner packaging software in the workflow of PRINERGY DFE. Vanover believes that if used with proofsetter spectrum, the software can show special color effects on am screen through FM spot color. Users can get better spot color through this technology, and also maintain the unity of angle and overprint information

for the approval XP system, Kodak exhibited recipe color technology at drupa 2000. This software can define and create millions of spot colors without additional raw materials

color fidelity

supporters of digital halftone proofing often regard inspection ability as the main advantage of digital proofing. Because the setting of CMYK four-color ink can completely match the printing primary color of the printing machine, color control is relatively easy. When talking about the advantages of digital halftone proofing, Mr. William DeMarco, the worldwide product line manager (global production line manager) of Kodak company, said, "other technologies use the interpolation algorithm of four-dimensional look-up table to process images, which cannot accurately test samples."

demarco also recognizes the importance of the same tension point structure. By viewing the color sample with a magnifying glass, the observer can guide the prepress operator how to adjust the dot area of the special tone ladder. Correct communication can reduce the number of samples

advantages of cantilever pendulum impact testing machine. Some packaging and printing personnel may argue that the key to the sample is the fidelity of color, not the dot structure. Mr. vanover said, "if you can give consideration to two points at the same time, why should you give up one? The printing chamber of Commerce has found that large format digital dot proofing can obtain satisfactory color fidelity and dot structure at the same time."

kevin Hooper, the marketing communication manager of polar graphics imaging company, insists that the loyalty of color is directly related to the dot structure. The non dot sample is only a simulation and cannot accurately represent the printing effect of the printing machine

the reliability of the half tone system is constantly improving, and the packaging and printing companies also ensure that the product quality will be steadily improved. Mr. Schroeder revealed that Fuji is testing four new printing primary colors for finalproof system, which are red, blue, green and orange, and are currently in the improvement period. Polar recently launched spoton software for spot color separation and proofing with CMYK ink on the company's polaproof and prediction halftone devices. In order to make better use of color combiner software, creoscitex plans to use the software for other DfES, so that any workflow can benefit

remote control

in order to reasonably supplement hard proofing, both traditional proofing service providers and relatively emerging professional companies are studying Remote Proofing solutions. Sometimes they will cooperate: Recently, imation company and re tested according to the 1960 standard of SAE J wiping and cleaning the surface of the instrument (energy 2500 kj/m2). Altimeproof company launched their jointly developed product matchprint virtual, which wants to make high-quality samples of matchprint on the display

the realtimeproof product developed by the parent company of realtimeimage enables different participants of the same printing activity to preview and confirm the sample through the network at the same time. Chris gulker believes that this component can support the image format in ordinary packaging, and can also handle customized colors and some metallic colors

gulker points out that its main purpose is realizability. "ASP allows users to start operation immediately, without investment, maintenance, software and hardware."

software developer group logic provides two remote proofing products for the print media industry: masstransit enterprise, which is used for mechanical proofing on remote devices in the customer's location, and imagexpo, a soft proofing software that enables customers and printers to see and comment on samples at the same time. Mr. Andy Lewis, marketing and sales manager of group logic VP, said that many customers find software based solutions more effective than ASP. For those users who prefer ASP, group logic recommends installing the customer service version of masstransit software

source: Huicong printing industry channel

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