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Printing electronics opens up a new road for printing

when printing encounters electronics, the scope of printing activities is rapidly narrowed. However, if printing and electronics are tied together in another way, will the market space of printing be a different picture? The enterprising traditional printing enterprises have begun to enter the e-mail communication rate fast interest industry, which may be a feasible way for the transformation and upgrading of traditional printing enterprises

there is a term called printed electronics. Popularly speaking, it refers to printing electronic devices in the form of printing, such as using conductive ink to print circuits and antennas of electronic labels. In addition, photovoltaic cells, displays and software disks can also be printed by printing. The space of this market can be imagined infinitely. According to media reports, in mid April, some academicians and experts of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said that printing electronics is a revolutionary technology for the development of the information technology industry in the future. The global printing electronics industry will soon enter a period of rapid growth. It is necessary to increase investment and carry out technological research and development of the printing electronics industry

Xu Shiyuan, an expert who has been devoted to the research of German printing industry for many years and a consultant of the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee, told China publishing news that this technology had been developed by relevant research institutions abroad as early as four or five years ago. Germany, the United States, Britain, Japan and other printing developed countries are carrying out market research and development, and some have entered the pilot stage

printing electronics and the traditional concept of printing seem to be quite different. Traditional printing is mostly paper printing, and traditional printing enterprises rarely set foot in the field of printing electronics. In terms of equipment investment, what are the costs and risks of enterprise transformation? Xu Shiyuan said: the equipment is not necessarily particularly complex. It is generally reel type equipment. The printing method can be gravure printing, and it is also OK to use silk or flexographic printing. However, the reform of traditional printing enterprises here requires professional equipment. In addition, to use special conductive ink, special supporting raw materials have to keep up, which is not easy for ordinary traditional printing plants

there are also printed circuit boards in the print + electronic market. Printed circuit is the key interconnection of electronic products, known as the mother of electronic system products, and the demand for electronic information products directly determines the development of the printed circuit board industry. Nowadays, in a high-speed information society, people can't live without electronic products such as, cameras, MP3 players, and the production of these products can't be separated from printed circuit boards

from the market point of view, the continuous growth of the output of electronic products such as electronic communication equipment, electronic computers and household appliances has provided a strong impetus for the rapid growth of the printed circuit board industry; From a macro perspective, our new production line will realize the rapid development of the information electronics industry in the country of one feeding and one discharging, providing a good market environment for the rapid development of the printed circuit board industry

it was found that most of the electronic companies were operating in this market, and there was hardly any trace of traditional printing enterprises. Only Dazu laser, the parent company of Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd., was found to be involved in this field. Liu Jing, head of Huicong printing, told China publishing that printed circuit boards are actually produced by electronic companies using printing technology. Now there are printing companies doing electronic labels, but there are few

perhaps, in the printing + electronics market, due to technical barriers and cross industry factors, traditional printing enterprises can only stand still, and it seems that they can only sigh at the rising market. For this market, foreign well-known large enterprises have coveted it for a long time and invested a huge amount of money to garrison in the Chinese market in order to make money. According to Xinhua news, the largest printed circuit board manufacturer in Europe makes carbon fiber technology easier to be widely used in various industries. The manufacturer recently invested US $600million to build a production base in Chongqing. It is reported that in Europe, one of every four has been equipped with printed circuit boards produced by otes

it seems that only RFID (electronic tag) can enter the field of printing + electronics in China's traditional printing enterprises. Previously, Fujian Hongbo Printing Co., Ltd., a bill printing enterprise, invested in RFID. Not long ago, Guangdong Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. acquired a company specializing in RFID technology research and development and established Leo Xinling Technology Co., Ltd. the new company aims at the IOT market

this move opens the door of strategic thinking for the upgrading of traditional industries to high-tech industries, seizes the opportunity to transform to information technology enterprises, and quickly integrates production enterprises into the information industry, which not only conforms to market changes and opens up a path for the sustainable development of enterprises, but also requires enterprises to have certain capital penetration method to test the compressive strength of masonry mortar jgj/t 136 ⑵ 001, Test the market foresight and innovation courage of enterprise leaders

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