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Printed color film landed in the cigarette bag Market

color film packaging, which was previously only seen on foreign cigarettes, appeared on cigarettes in Chengdu cigarette factory in September this year, becoming a new highlight of tobacco packaging. It is reported that up to now, in order to help our customers use the changing market pattern to achieve their ultimate goal of seeking commercial success, profitability and sustainable development, the consumption of color film in Chengdu cigarette factory has reached six tons. At the same time, the equipment commissioning of the printing color film production plant jointly invested by Xuzhou cigarette factory, Huaiyin cigarette factory and Nanjing Cigarette Factory, led by Jiangsu tobacco monopoly bureau, is under intense commissioning. It is expected that these three cigarette factories will also have color film packaging products on the market at the beginning of next year. According to relevant parties, this new packaging has three characteristics:

first, reduce costs. As the decorative function of the color film is added to the ordinary transparent cigarette film, the cost of cigarette label printing in design, printing and materials is reduced. For a long time, the high packaging cost caused by excessive packaging of tobacco products has become a common problem, and the emergence of this new form has created a new way for cigarette factories to reduce packaging costs. For example, cigarette factories can give full play to the decorative function of printing color film, and combine ordinary white card paper with printing color film after simple printing, Instead of adopting different test methods in the past, high-end materials (aluminum foil composite cardboard, pet coated cardboard, vacuum aluminized cardboard, etc.) are treated with additional complex processes (such as bronzing, sanding, "ice flower", etc.). Replace the previous high-end luxury style with personalized design. In this way, the printing process is simplified, the process is reduced, the scrap rate is reduced, and only the material cost can be reduced by half. When creating cigarette label prints, the packaging designers of the cigarette factory can also jump from the past formula: the circle of traditional design ideas to be professional and responsible for customers, and create more distinctive new works

second, enhance anti-counterfeiting. With the increasingly rampant of fake and inferior products, high-quality products and fake and inferior products are in a fierce race, and cigarette printing color film requires equipment investment and deep technical ability, so that fake and inferior products can't catch up with them in these aspects. The tobacco bureau of Jiangsu Province specially selected UCB group for cooperation this time, which is to focus on the leading technology and the maturity of products. An agreement has been reached that after the plant is put into operation, the products will be exclusively used by three tobacco plants in Xuzhou, Huaiyin and Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Chengdu cigarette factory selected the BOPP color printing positioning packaging anti-counterfeiting cigarette packaging film newly launched by Nanjing Zhongda on August 19, ensuring the technological leadership of its new packaging

third, highlight personality. This package has a certain visual impact, a strong sense of hierarchy of patterns, and a more three-dimensional effect. In today's era of eyeball economy, it shows a unique product image with its personality

in foreign countries, printing color films have been widely used, with the utilization rate of more than 20% in Europe, including 65% in Britain. The use of this material makes the cigarette packaging in China more in line with the international trend. As the use of this material only needs to install a positioning system on the original cigarette machine, so that the user's material replacement work is more convenient and easy to operate

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