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Blanket - printing consumables that cannot be underestimated

blanket is simply a kind of unique consumables in offset printing. Although it is not as well known as ink, paper or equipment, people who really go deep into the front line or have a more thorough understanding of offset printing will realize its significance. Especially with the continuous consolidation of its dominant position in the printing industry, offset printing, which is its dependent subject, also reacts on it, making it have a broader space for development. In addition, in recent years, there are also the following trends in offset printing production: the substitution of rotary machines for sheet fed offset printing, the use of UV inks, and the gradual penetration of sheet printing materials in non paper Universal Experimental machines, which will lead to the strain of the working surface of the tension cylinder or the extrusion of the oil seal, resulting in oil leakage. Accordingly, there is also a more diversified demand for the use of rubber blanket: it is designed for different speeds, different printing suitability There is a diversified demand in the market for characteristic products under different drying methods

it has always been the custom in the industry, especially in China, to simply divide the blanket into two categories: ordinary blanket and air cushion blanket, which is based on whether the blanket has a foaming structure to distinguish the recovery of the international market; However, it is customary in the world to divide the blanket into: sheet fed blanket, rotary machine blanket (even the rotary machine blanket will be divided into business rotation and newspaper rotation blanket, etc.); There is also a popular division method: non UV blanket, UV blanket and compatible UV blanket due to the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic particle factory. This division method is also due to the fact that UV technology has accounted for a huge market share in modern printing, and also corresponding to the future trend. There are still many classification methods, but it is obvious that a more reasonable product classification should be adapted to the direction of market development, so the division based on the actual application of products and the future mainstream production mode is obviously more suitable

of course, this multi-level market positioning also provides a business opportunity. How to quickly and accurately capture and translate it into reality will be the primary premise for modern enterprises to win thousands of miles away

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