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Printing enterprises attach importance to the domestic market and actively expand overseas markets

printing enterprises' involvement in overseas printing business is of great help to improve product quality and standardize enterprise management. Up to now, although many domestic enterprises have obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification certificate, strictly speaking, there are many people who regard the certificate as a stepping stone and take the inspection of the certification body seriously, but it is obviously insufficient to act meticulously and in accordance with the rules. It cannot be said that enterprises do not attach importance to product quality. Competition has forced all enterprises to take product quality as their core competitiveness, but it is not enough to rely on leaders' attention and quality inspectors' attention only for quality process management. All personnel involved in production must pay more attention to it, and ensure the quality of the final link with the quality of each link. To do this, it is necessary to pay attention to the rules The urgent task of industrial transformation that does not pay attention to details needs repeated beating for the Chinese people. Enterprises can take this as a starting point to start making external orders, requiring employees to establish awareness, overcome the mentality of muddling along, pay full attention to product quality, and standardize the internal management of enterprises, because there is no possibility of accommodation in external orders, and after clarifying the processing price, it is about quality and cycle

if employees apply the experience and habits accumulated in the process of making outsourcing orders to daily production, it will certainly help the enterprise improve the daily product quality and establish the brand image of the enterprise. It can be said that overseas orders are the touchstone of the existing product quality of enterprises, and overseas orders are also the catalyst to improve the product quality of enterprises

when Chinese printing enterprises claim to make efforts to undertake overseas printing orders, more and more overseas capital is stepping into China's printing market. Starting from the nature of capital, foreign capital is certainly entering the Chinese market to strive for greater profits. They are trading capital for the market. Looking back at the beginning of reform and opening up, the purpose of our active introduction of foreign capital is: we expect to obtain a certain proportion of overseas orders through the introduction of foreign capital. So how many overseas orders have Chinese enterprises obtained over the years? As far as the printing industry is concerned, the situation is also roughly the same. Foreign enterprises are also cannibalizing the Chinese market, from yellow pages to books, from post catalogs to packaging, almost everywhere. Because of this, domestic enterprises going abroad to strive for overseas printing business can only be considered as a market exchange at best. After the entry of foreign enterprises increases the pressure of market competition, they make use of the advantage of labor price to strive for another business abroad. We must be alert to the situation that others have obtained our domestic market as they wish, while the global loose activity and risk aversion are weakened, but we have not obtained the corresponding overseas market, and we have done the stupid thing of losing our wife and losing our soldiers

expanding overseas markets, domestic enterprises cannot fight a price war

low price competition is a common means in the primary stage of market economy when supply exceeds demand. The final result of the price war is that consumers benefit, and all participants are victims of interests. Around the market competition of household appliances, there have been price wars one after another in China. In the end, no manufacturer can survive. In the context of the continuous expansion of printing production capacity in recent years, the price war between domestic printing plants has also been unbearable for enterprises. Therefore, in the process of expanding overseas markets, domestic enterprises must no longer rely on low wages to win business, and can no longer fight price wars and printing alliances

as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and price according to quality is the basic law of the market. It is impossible in real life to have a good horse and not eat grass

in the production of printing products, good products always use good raw and auxiliary materials. As a result of blindly lowering the price, if you want to avoid losing money, you must cut corners on production and materials at the cost of damaging the brand of the enterprise. It seems to win orders in a short period of time to engage in price reduction competition, but it is really exhausting, because the general decline in market wages is extremely detrimental to the long-term development of the entire industry. Moreover, low price competition will also lead foreign counterparts to apply to the government for anti-dumping as a boycott. According to the news, Wal Mart Supermarkets in the United States are facing anti-dumping pressure when importing low price notebooks from China. Therefore, after the Spanish shoe manufacturers burned the leather shoes exported from China to Spain, Wang Shaoji, executive chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the country, called on those who have completed the original accumulation, and those who are able to do so, should quickly withdraw from the price war and establish their own brands. To establish their own advantages in the market by brand is the fundamental way for enterprises to expand the overseas printing market

printing is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. China's printing materials are not behind other countries in the international market. In the annual international printing evaluation, the printing materials produced by domestic enterprises have repeatedly won awards, which is proof. After a large number of Hong Kong funded enterprises moved to the mainland, the status of China's printing industry in the world has increased. Under this background, it is even less necessary to fight a price war to reduce the already poor profits to obtain market share

convenient information channels have made the world smaller, China's economy has been more integrated into the international community, and China's printing industry has also been integrated into the international printing industry without exception. We should expand the overseas printing market with a positive attitude, and we should also take the road of undertaking overseas printing business with a peaceful attitude and convert it into a coefficient of friction. Don't rush into mass action, and don't engage in vicious competition and eventually dig our own grave

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