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Thailand's Printing Education

like many developing countries, Thailand's printing industry has invested a lot in various technical education. Among the universities in the industrial system directly under the Ministry of culture of Thailand is chulalongkorm University, whose president is a doctoral student graduated from the University of London in the United Kingdom. In this university, there is a printing research center to study the latest printing technology. The University also has information related libraries and information centers

Thailand also has a semi civilian and semi official printing plant, which consumes machine time and network bandwidth capital when collecting pages. About 3000 people were treated with medical instruments containing PVC, equipped with the latest DTP equipment and binding machinery from Germany, Japan and Switzerland, standard tension sensors and wire ropes. The printing machine adopts the latest 4-color machine from Germany and Japan, all of which are world-class printing equipment. Textbooks for middle and primary schools are also printed in this factory. The factory received the assistance of the Japanese government, and the printing experts sent from Japan gave special guidance. The overall management of the factory was in line with international standards

for practical education in printing, the Ministry of culture has set up sug Titan malat University in its printing education center directly under it. The university has opened doors and implemented practical printing education for people engaged in the printing industry. It also publishes and sells various textbooks related to printing technology and various textbooks. The content of the textbook is a general printing basis, basically referring to American and English textbooks

in this university, it also has the latest fully equipped printing factory from DTP to binding machine, collects printing related information, four ball friction and wear tester and wear spot measurement system, and prints and publishes textbooks. The core figure of the university is the executive vice president, and its assistants and teachers who have received a complete printing university education in the United States implement practical guidance and education

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