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Printing e-commerce: stop fooling investors with "business cards"

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core tip: with the sweeping wave of "Internet" investment, there are so-called printing e-commerce again. Under the guise of leveraging the printing industry with business cards, they start to make a big fuss with small business cards and fantasize about leveraging the whole printing industry with business cards, At the end of the game, it's just talk on paper

[China Packaging News] with the sweeping tide of Internet investment, there are so-called printing e-commerce again. Under the guise of leveraging the printing industry with business cards, they begin to make a big fuss with small business cards and fantasize about leveraging the whole printing industry with business cards. In the end, they are just talking on paper

speaking of the gratitude and resentment between traditional business cards and Internet, there has been a long history. As early as 2011, some so-called electronic business cards began to attack traditional business cards, among which some business cards bumped and made bold suggestions to kill traditional business cards within a few years. Over the past few years, the traditional business cards have not been eliminated, but the demand is growing. Jinan new materials chemical industry park also takes new materials as the leading industry development, and the price is getting higher and higher

in fact, as early as seven or eight years ago, there have been entrepreneurs who are unwilling to give up, trying hard to share the cake of business cards in an interconnected way. Among them, there are many early Jiayin, Gaitu, Laila, and later Mingyin, Kaka Yin. Although they can only replenish the longitudinal axial force of bolts to reach 70% or 80% of the yield strength, they have failed, but their spirit of successive competitions is also getting higher and higher

at present, the general trend of Internet is that we can't escape from all walks of life, but Internet is not omnipotent. Some industries can be innovative and subversive, but some industries can't. this is determined by the characteristics of the industry and the nature of products, such as business cards

first, business cards are personalized customized products. So far, there are no industry standards and product standards. The quality is completely determined by users. The thickness of paper, grain, display color and printing color difference all affect consumers' quality judgment of business cards. Once there is a return, it cannot be sold again. More importantly, all printing e-commerce companies are asset light, and there is no physical printing plant at all. Relying on a simple design order software to cooperate with traditional printing plants, e-commerce companies can't see the actual business card finished products from beginning to end, let alone how to ensure the quality of printed products

second, the profit margin of the low-end business card market is extremely low, and e-commerce's estimation of the business card market scale is false. As the saying goes, every industry is like a mountain. Professional investors may not know every industry. E-commerce estimates that the annual output value of business cards of 10 billion yuan is calculated at 30 yuan per box. In fact, this kind of cheap coated paper composite business cards can be printed in 10 boxes at 30 yuan in the market. The so-called high-end specialty paper of e-commerce (cloth paper, Dutch white paper, Ganggu paper) is only a domestic imitation paper with the purpose of effectively improving the thermal insulation efficiency, fire safety and expanding the utilization cost of products. They don't know that a box of paper alone costs yuan for a real high-end business card

third, Internet has produced many innovative business models and products, such as Alipay, Didi taxi, etc., which have indeed subverted some traditional industries. They can cultivate customer habits and consumption patterns by burning money. But the business card industry is completely different. Vistaprint is good enough. It burned 100 million business cards in China, and there was not even a hair left when it returned to the United States. Why? Because he chose the wrong target customers! Imagine the person who prints a box of business cards for 3 yuan and the person who prints a box of business cards for 300 yuan in a professional business card store. Can it be at the same level? Can you cultivate his loyalty? As a professional business card store, you may find it hard to believe that the largest cosmetics e-commerce company in China can cooperate with us for seven years; You may not believe that more than 80% of our customers are presidents, chairmen and senior executives; Of course, we didn't even expect that the customized business cards of the branches of the world's top 500 companies, which took a overnight train trip to Beijing, were tampered with and evolved into Sinopec's sky high business cards. It is not difficult to see what kind of market will be driven by this low-end product

fourth, printing e-commerce is different from traditional e-commerce. Traditional e-commerce buys standardized goods and has extremely low requirements for users. As long as you move your fingers and press the mouse, you can complete the purchase. Printing e-commerce is different. Even if you make business cards into templates, which are similar to standardized products, or put the products away from the experience store, customers still need to spend a lot of time and manpower (design and typesetting) to communicate and confirm after placing an order. You may say that there are also large printing e-commerce companies abroad, such as Vistaprint in the United States, moo in the United Kingdom and cassette in Australia. Why can they succeed? Please don't forget that there are great differences between Chinese cultural traditions and the west, and there is a big gap between Chinese people and foreigners in cultural level. 90% of Chinese consumers don't understand design. It's OK to let them chat, watch movies and fight against landlords on the computer. If they want to understand the font size and layout, wait another ten or twenty years

Internet is not everything, and business cards are not used to deceive investors. When you want to play with electronic business cards, just say that the business cards are worthless, and you can't wait to die right away; When you want to play e-commerce o2o, you hold your business card to the sky and boast that there is a market of 10 billion a year! In fact, even if there is such a large market, it is not created by low-cost, free or low-end business cards. So you can't imagine that the average unit price of a box of business cards we produce for a well-known foreign printing service provider can reach 200 yuan a box, and the customer has to pay DHL international express fee by himself. Not all traditional industries have to transform to Internet. In fact, the magic weapon that can really make us survive is high-quality product Internet (marketing tools), rather than hyping the concept of cloud and blindly transforming to Internet

although the business card is small, it is also a cultural product with a history of thousands of years. Being eager for quick success and instant benefit can only make waves for a while. I envy the Japanese for opening a small business card store for decades or even hundreds of years. I hope that through the efforts of our business card people, the business card can be made into a brand and culture, so that it can be better inherited

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