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Taiwan Liancheng improves the domestic sales price of DOP and PA when abnormal conditions occur in the control system

Taiwan Liancheng chemical technology company encourages Differentiated Development Department said that in March, although the larger the machine, the more expensive the price is in DOP (Plasticizer), the sales price per kilogram is about 1. 5% higher than last month Between yuan, pa per kilogram increased by 1.7 yuan compared with the previous month. After the increase, the domestic DOP price per kilogram reached 34 yuan, and pa per kilogram was about 29 yuan; Liancheng said that the reason for the continuous rise in DOP and PA prices in March was the rise in the cost of upstream raw materials

it is pointed out that due to the insufficient supply of propylene in the market, the quotation of isooctanol (2-EH), the main raw material in the upstream of DOP, has been suspended in recent days. Timken block is fixed. In this regard, Liancheng said that Liancheng has a contractual supply relationship with 2-EH suppliers for more than 20 years, and the supply of raw materials is safe

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