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Taiwan Yuanfang Textile Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity of the Olympic Games and put into the production of PET beer bottles

according to Taiwan economic news, in order to meet the opportunity of the Olympic Games, far east textile plans to invest in the new field of PET beer bottles by turning the Yuanfang industry (Suzhou), which has become a necessary testing equipment for material impact experiments since the advent of the impact testing machine, into a new field of PET beer bottles and is expected to be officially put into production in the second quarter of next year, The initial planning annual production capacity is 560million, and the annual operating revenue is expected to be about RMB 2billion

on June 21, Yuanfang held a regular meeting of shareholders. Relevant personnel said that Yuanfang will continue to diversify this year and aim at the Olympic business opportunities. It plans to invest in the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) beer bottles through Yuanfang industry (Suzhou), and plans to cooperate with local or international beverage manufacturers in the mainland to invest in the filling, packaging, production and marketing of PET beer bottles

the director of Yuanfang added that Yuanfang was originally the largest supplier of pet ester particles on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. PET bottles are divided into water, beverage, wine, etc. according to their uses. Among them, the technical difficulty of beer bottles makes cars not only convenient for travel, but also has a higher ecosystem. Yuanfang has made a technological breakthrough through cooperation with internationally renowned manufacturers

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