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Taiwan actively plans to promote the verification mark of functional textiles

the economic construction commission of the executive yuan of Taiwan said that the low temperature in winter in recent two years was obvious, bringing a wave of hot clothes on the Taiwan market; This is a good time for Taiwan to win over the market and expand its territory

Taiwan Economic Construction Association said that in recent years, the government has assisted the upgrading plan of traditional industries, and academia, research units and manufacturers have actively invested in research and development. Coupled with Taiwan's abundant supply of chemical fiber raw materials, innovative weaving and dyeing and finishing technologies, the industrial value chain and clustering advantages of the functional textile industry have been gradually established

South Asia plastics, Taiwan chemical fiber, Fumao Xingye, Taiwan plastics Taiwan LiLang enterprise, far east textile and other companies have developed and produced many high-quality functional fabric products

Taiwan Economic Construction Association also said that in order to strengthen marketing and promotion, the electrical equipment on the experimental machine supported by the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan Textile Development Association should be installed and tested by the manufacturer on the experimental machine, actively planning and promoting the verification and marking business of Taiwan functional textiles, and has 1. The protection and maintenance of cold and hot impact experimental machine has been registered in Taiwan, the United States, the European Union, Japan, the mainland and other regions, We hope to provide the market with a credible independent verification organization

in addition to assisting the industry in marketing and expanding the market, it can also provide domestic and foreign buyers and consumers with quality identification standards for functional textiles. At present, a total of 18 verification standards have been set, and more than 400 people have passed the verification, and the effect is generally valued and affirmed by the industry

Taiwan Economic Construction Association pointed out that with the change of world fashion trends and the rise of environmental protection and other issues, functional textiles will become more and more important. For Taiwan's textile industry, which has gradually established a functional textile industry value chain and clustered advantages, it is a good opportunity to strive for the market and expand its territory

the economic construction committee further pointed out that the output value of Taiwan's textile industry in 2010 was NT $482.322 billion, compared with the output value of 3747.1 in 2009. The large coal enterprises represented by shenhuawei began to strongly increase the long-term agreement price of 9.6 billion yuan in the first quarter, an increase of 28.7%. In the future, the Ministry of economy will continue to promote relevant measures, hoping to achieve a total output value of 580billion yuan of the textile industry in 2015. Therefore, naskar and Chau tran will try to integrate these two materials in a solvent-free molten state

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