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Taiwan Chi Mei company increased ABS production

on Wednesday, according to a person of the company, with the recovery of downstream user demand in Hong Kong, Taiwan Chi Mei company increased the operating rate of its two ABS production plants. The current operating rates of Chi Mei's 1million ton/year production plant in Tainan, Taiwan and 250000 ton/year production plant in Zhenjiang, China are 80% and 60% respectively, an increase of% over a month ago. In order to ensure that prices do not continue to deteriorate, Chi Mei began to reduce the operating rate in March. The company increased its operating rate in early August because it received many orders from it manufacturers with strong demand at the end of the season. Chi Mei expects ABS demand to remain strong until October. The quotation of the company for September is 840 US dollars/ton CIF Hong Kong. Due to higher operating rates, Chi Mei is seeking to replenish butadiene inventories. The company has applied computer measurement and control technology from local suppliers to the specific scheme of traditional presses. Formosa has ordered 3000 tons of cargo, and the quantity of orders from PetroChina is unknown. Now it is seeking to purchase another batch of tons of butadiene from the wholesale market, which will be delivered in the first half of September. Chi Mei's quotation for butadiene is 350 US dollars/ton CFR. It is said that Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. imported a batch of shipments from SABIC, Saudi Arabia at this price last week. At the same time, Chi Mei seeks to obtain a lower contract price from CPC and Formosa based on the regional oversupply. "We are still talking about sentencing." The company said

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