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Taiwan and Italy jointly develop high-end machine tool controllers

in order to break through the dilemma of Taiwan machine tool manufacturers' high dependence on imports of high-end machine tool controllers at this stage, the Machinery Institute of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute recently announced that it has reached a consensus with FIDIA, a well-known Italian controller manufacturer, that the two sides will jointly develop a high-end five axis machine tool computer controller system in Taiwan, and its price can be more than half cheaper than the current European and Japanese products, Highly competitive in NBR or PVC market; It is estimated that at the initial stage, the market in Taiwan will sell more than 100 sets every year. After the commodities become more mature and popular in the future, the annual sales volume is expected to reach more than 1000 sets, thus promoting the development of high-end machine tool manufacturing in Taiwan

Su Xingchuan, head of the intelligent machinery group of the Institute of machinery of the Industrial Research Institute, said that in the future, FIDIA will provide the motion control module of the five axis machine tool with the human-machine interface control software of the five axis controller developed by the Institute of machinery for system integration. If the controller used in the vertical five axis machining center machine is produced in Taiwan, it will develop smoothly in the future, It will enter the market of other five axis machine controllers

fidia produces an average of 200 sets of controller software every year for external sales and the use of its gantry milling machines and five axis machining machines. Its main customers include Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and other European automobile manufacturers, with an annual sales volume of about 40million euros, and is quite familiar with the production of five axis machine tool controllers. FIDIA hopes to solve the problems of high production costs and insufficient sales in the Asian market by cooperating with the Machinery Institute of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute this time

five axis machining machine is one of the most complex machines recognized by the machine tool industry at present. If the controller performance and software programming are poor, it is easy to cause the machine to collide and damage; And because it can be used to process and produce accurate Deployers of defense weapons, it has been subject to export control by the United States and its allies. "

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