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[talk about Eucalyptus (1)] forestry expert: eucalyptus has a high water use efficiency

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Eucalyptus is the preferred tree species for plastic packaging forest of artificial supermarket commodities in China. Vigorously promoting the scientific and rational planting and utilization of eucalyptus has become an important way for China's paper industry to solve the shortage of raw materials. However, in recent years, with the expansion of Eucalyptus planting area from 2013 to now, there have been some misunderstandings about Eucalyptus planting in the society. To this end, China paper magazine's papermaking information specially produced the topic "eucalyptus and papermaking" and invited Eucalyptus experts to make professional explanations on the above issues to eliminate the public's misunderstanding of Eucalyptus

at the third China International Expo, xieyaojian, director of the Eucalyptus research and development center of the State Forestry and grassland administration, visited the app booth of the golden light group.

the principle of plant water absorption is that the transpiration tension generated by leaf transpiration is transmitted to the roots, and the water and nutrients in the soil are absorbed into the branches and leaves through the roots. In this sense, the growth of every plant requires a lot of water

the Fraunhofer engineering center can enable Hexion to cooperate with mainstream automobile manufacturers to measure the transpiration of Eucalyptus plantations worldwide by various means, mostly between 0.5 ~ 6.0 mm per day through the use of this technology, concentrated in 2 ~ 4 mm. According to the measurement of scientific and technological personnel, in 2000, the transpiration water consumption of Eucalyptus urophylla Plantation in Leizhou Peninsula was 559 mm, accounting for 36% of the rainfall in the same period. The total water consumption of Eucalyptus was 1150 mm, far lower than the annual rainfall of 1531 mm. The research shows that the water transpiration of Eucalyptus in Leizhou Peninsula accounts for only about 1/3 of the precipitation, and the transpiration + evaporation (total water consumption) is 1000 ~ 1100 mm per year, which is far less than the annual average precipitation of 1500 mm, and will not cause water deficit. Eucalyptus Plantations in China are mainly propagated by tissue culture technology. There is no taproot, and the roots are basically concentrated in the range of 0 ~ 1 m, generally no more than 4 M. they cannot absorb groundwater and will not cause groundwater reduction. Moreover, the research results of the Sino Australian cooperation project "eucalyptus and water" show that the eucalyptus forest in Leizhou Peninsula has obvious recharge to groundwater in summer, and has a certain water conservation effect

in addition, scientific research shows that eucalyptus has a high water use efficiency. 785 l of water is required for each kg of dry matter produced by Eucalyptus, 1538 l of water is consumed by pine, and 1323 l of water is consumed by Acacia and dalbergia. The water consumption of Eucalyptus per unit harvest is only 51% of coniferous species and 81% of Acacia, that is, Eucalyptus consumes less water when it synthesizes dry matter through photosynthesis

at present, among China's paper-making enterprises that implement the integration of forestry, pulp and paper, app (China) of Jinguang group accounts for the largest proportion, with a planting area of nearly 270000 h ㎡ (about 4.5 million mu). App of golden light group entered China in 1992. It always adheres to the advanced concept of "integration of Forest Pulp and paper", integrates sustainable forest management into production and management, and is a major member of China's Eucalyptus industry technology innovation strategic alliance

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