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support sustainable development | caterpillar provides sustainable equipment and solutions

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for caterpillar, sustainable development refers to the use of technology and innovation to achieve higher efficiency and productivity with less environmental impact, and help our customers achieve the same goal by providing products, services and solutions that can effectively use resources, Improve their productivity

today, we tell you the story that caterpillar always cherishes customers, provides them with sustainable equipment and solutions, and supports sustainable development

support sustainable development | caterpillar provides sustainable equipment and solutions

caterpillar's goal is to provide our customers with the best equipment and solutions possible to help them succeed in today's market and achieve more effective operations

1. The automatic cat plough system is mainly used for efficient mining of thin coal seams in mines. Tiefa Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tiefa"), the first company in China to adopt caterpillar coal plough system, is a successful example of the application of cat coal plough system in domestic coal mines. According to the continuous production capacity of iron method of 20million tons per year, the application of coal plough has extended the production life of the whole mining area by 31 years

2. Caterpillar energy system technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a company under caterpillar that focuses on gas-fired generator sets. They provided the mwmtm brand distributed energy system for the production plants and offices of Voith Paper (China) Co., Ltd. The total installed power generation capacity of the project is designed to be 1.2 MW, of which the installed power generation capacity of phase I is 600 kW. The annual comprehensive energy efficiency of the system can reach 80%, compared with the thermal power energy system, which is generally only about 45%. The system is designed to operate for 5600 hours a year. It is estimated that the energy cost can be saved every year. 1. The oil volume of the oil tank is short by 183000 yuan, and the equivalent emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced by 1214.9 tons

3. Anhui Huainan DINGLONG Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DINGLONG Engineering") specializes in municipal earthwork. In 2015, the company undertook the subgrade project of Linbai section of Beijing Xinjiang Expressway in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. After the application of cat (Carter) slope control system, the efficiency and construction accuracy of land leveling have been greatly improved. The road surface that used to take three hours to level can now be completed within two hours. In the highway construction project in Taihe County, Anhui Province, Dinglong engineering installed slope 1 and speed reduction for cat (Carter) 323d2 l excavator, and barcon said to improve the output torque control system. Now, operators can work independently and accurately, without the need for surveyors, which improves the safety of the construction site. In terms of construction efficiency, the time required for 100 meter pipe trench excavation has been reduced from more than two hours to one hour. Finally, the whole project was completed nearly a month ahead of schedule, greatly reducing fuel consumption and thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions that had gradually been cut for the market. (article from caterpillar China)

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