Although the most popular design is compact, its p

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Although the design is compact, the performance is not compromised

the new om20 and om30 series laser ranging sensors with IO link interface will promote the development of machines and systems towards a more efficient and compact direction. At the same time, their performance will not be affected in the application of optical ranging

with compact design and excellent measurement performance, om20 and om30 series sensors can be flexibly applied in various fields. What is particularly outstanding is that they can provide reliable measurement results without being affected by the object surface, with a repetition accuracy of up to 1 m and a measurement frequency of up to 5KHz. The om20 uses a 373513mm housing. If it is necessary to measure the textured surface (such as processed metal or wood), om30 series line spot ranging sensor is ideal and reliable with a measurement range of 550mm. 3. Why does the hydraulic universal testing machine have indication deviation? Solutions

in addition, with the help of standardized IO link interface, the sensor can not only be smoothly integrated into the warming system of the international market of the control system, but also can easily complete the parameter setting. In addition to common process data such as distance value or signal quality, om20 and om30 sensors also provide other auxiliary data, such as the measurement frequency and exposure reserve of the sensor. Auxiliary data can be used as a basis for judging whether there is dirt on the sensor to support preventive maintenance design

the new om20 and om30 standard performance laser ranging sensors can be called the ideal choice to achieve accurate measurement in a narrow space

Baum group

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