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Factors affecting the detection accuracy of metal detectors and technological innovation

in the process of food production and processing, metal powder, metal particles or needle shaped amorphous metal foreign matters are often mixed into food due to the wear of equipment and the falling off of parts, which brings great harm to food safety and great loss to the reputation of food production enterprises. Therefore, we often use metal detectors to detect products in order to eliminate the existence of metal foreign bodies in products

factors affecting the detection accuracy of metal detector

1. Composition of the tested object: the influence of iron, water, salt, etc. in the tested object. Iron is divided into magnetic metals, and moisture and salt bring conductivity to the tested object

2. Influence of the size and shape of the measured object: the large area of the measured object will produce a large eddy current, which will make the measured object have electromagnetic wave noise and cause magnetic field chaos and misoperation

3. Temperature effect of the tested object: because the tested food contains water and the shorter the sample is, each material of water has been tested for 5 (7) times. The state (gas, liquid, solid) of each material is different, and the degree of influence is also different

liquiscan is mainly used for the production of liquid viscous food (such as meat, sausage, jam, baby food, etc.). Because this kind of products cannot meet the sensitivity requirements when tested after filling, and the formula of the products is different, the gold detector often controls all the experimental processes with high stability and makes false elimination, resulting in unnecessary waste. If liqui scan is used to detect food before canning, high-sensitivity metal detection can be carried out on this kind of food to ensure that this kind of products leave the factory safely. The equipped removal device generally has extrusion type, spherical, three-way or mushroom valve

advantages of the new metal detector

compared with the past metal detectors, the new generation of metal detectors with modern digital systems and microprocessors show the following advantages:

1. Powerful software: not only faster and stronger, but also can obtain, record and sort out the signals of a large number of products configured on different production lines for processing

2. Automatic product compensation: the digital metal detector has the function of automatic product compensation to record the characteristics of conductive products, such as iron tablets in drugs

3. simple operation and maintenance: the digital metal detector has the function of self-learning and can record the learning content. The microprocessor can record all relevant data, such as the date and time of detecting pollutants, and provide valuable data for manufacturers to realize the networking of production equipment, visualization of production data, paperless production documents, and transparency of production process, so as to assist relevant departments to find out the cause of pollution

due to the different effects of dry and wet products on the magnetic field, the frequencies of electromagnetic waves required to detect dry and wet products are also different. Therefore, the general gold inspection machine is designed differently for the detection of dry and wet products, which leads to the fact that a production line cannot test dry and wet products at the same time. After a period of research and development, German company s+s has developed the latest dual frequency machine, which completely solves the problem that dry and wet products cannot be tested at the same time on the production line, and improves the test sensitivity of products

in recent years, with the increasing improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to food hygiene. With the improvement of consumer awareness, major domestic food manufacturers began to pay attention to the safety control of

food production, and more and more food manufacturers began to add metal detection instruments and equipment in the production process to ensure the safety and quality of food. For example, Swiss Nestle original factory, Danisco, Taiwan United food, Taiwan Niutou Brand Food Co., Ltd., Taiwan Jifu Food Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yongkang Food Co., Ltd. and other enterprises are using different models of tunnel metal detectors from German s+s company

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