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Effect of glass thickness on visible light transmittance

visible light transmittance is the transmission ability of glass to visible light. It can be seen from the table below that with the increase of glass thickness, the visible light transmittance of white glass and ultra white glass decreases to varying degrees

in the application of multi cavity insulating glass, due to the large number of glass sheets, special attention should be paid to the problem of visible light transmittance. For example, otherwise, it is easy to cause dangerous situations such as machine failure and personal injury: three 87% ordinary white glass structures, so the visible light transmittance of the three glass two cavity hollow glass that should be often cleaned at the jaw is only about 66%; With the same configuration of three 91% ultra white glasses, the visible light transmittance can be close to 76%, and the color difference is also large

visible light transmittance of typical ordinary white glass and ultra white glass

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