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The influence of the shape of corrugated cardboard when stacking

there are no more than four kinds of cardboard stacking shapes: single line parallel stacking; Double row parallel stacking; Well shaped layered stacking; Multi row layered cross stacking. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

1 Single row parallel stacking

advantages: the cardboard can be fully cooled up, down and around; The positive and negative turns are neat, which is conducive to the flatness of the paperboard; Fully bonded in the later stage

disadvantages: the heat in the center of the paperboard cannot be distributed in time, among which the people are soft and the surrounding are hard; The corrugated cardboard in the middle and lower part of the stack also enters the threshold, which is also low and soft, and the thickness becomes thinner after being pressed; In fact, the demand of the upper layer paper extruder also tends to increase, and the board is prone to bow and deform

2. Double row parallel stacking

in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of single row parallel stacking, this stacking also has the following advantages and disadvantages: less tray space, saving storage space to keep beautiful shape for a long time; The heat between two stacks of cardboard is difficult to dissipate, causing one side of the cardboard to be hard and the other side to be soft

3. Advantages of well shaped layered stacking

the paperboard has good flatness and no warpage. Due to the special stacking method, there is a gap between layers, and the middle of the well shaped is directly connected to the tray. The air convection is smooth, the hot gas is distributed evenly and quickly, and the strength is good. Compared with the above two kinds of stacking, it takes up less tray and saves space

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disadvantages: the overlapping part accounts for 2/5 of the paperboard area, and the moisture is not exhausted; If the adhesive quality is slightly poor, each layer of composite paper is easy to crack; The number of different layers of cardboard will be compressed and deformed

4. Advantages of multi row layered cross stacking

compared with the above three kinds of stacking, the tray utilization rate is the highest, the site is the smallest, the flatness of the paperboard is the best, and the adhesive is slightly poor, which will not open the glue

disadvantages: the hot air of the paperboard is not easy to emit, making it soft; The corrugated height is difficult to recover, so the paperboard becomes thinner; The due strength is also discounted. In serious cases, the thickness of five layers of paperboard is reduced to less than 4mm, and the thickness of three layers is reduced to less than 2.5mm (other factors affecting the thickness of paperboard are normal)

according to the above analysis and from the perspective of carton quality, it is obvious that well shaped layered stacking is the best choice

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