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Unveil the mystery of quantum technology: beware of "science and technology" scams to mess up new technology in the 1920s, the French physicist de Broglie proposed the concept of "material wave", that is, all material particles have wave particle duality and high precision. Although it has been hundreds of years since the proposal and birth of quantum theory, up to now, quantum physics is still a daunting field for many people. Although quantum technology, as the most advanced scientific and technological field, has made some breakthrough achievements in recent years, the current practical products of quantum technology are only limited to the equipment and systems related to quantum secure communication

in recent years, it is a very common phenomenon in various fields of social life, such as the rise of nanotechnology, the sticking of genetic engineering when genetic engineering is hot, and so on. In recent years, quantum technology has attracted high attention, and many people have started to make articles about quantum technology, but most of them are gimmicks, and there is no practical application in the corresponding scientific field. When emerging technology first appeared, people tended to be overly optimistic that this technology would soon be applied on a large scale, reflected in the capital market, and people would enthusiastically pursue relevant concepts. This kind of fanaticism can easily lead to foam and even become scams

the world's first "quantum science experiment satellite" independently developed by Chinese scientists was launched before June 2016, which is expected to enable China to be ahead of Europe and the United States and have the ability of quantum communication to cover the world. Quantum communication is expected to become a new generation of communication technology. China's quantum technology has received good news on the international stage, and cheaters are not idle. They swagger around under the guise of "quantum technology": overnight, quantum soap "Quantum products" such as quantum insoles, quantum tea cups, quantum stickers, quantum energy rods and quantum therapeutic instruments have sprung up like mushrooms, which seems to be busy winning glory for the motherland. Quantum technology seems to be very close to our life. TV, display, lighting, medical treatment... All use products equipped with quantum technology. In addition to a wide range of quantum commodities, there are also high-end quantum technology investment and financing projects

but in fact, the current practical products of quantum control technology are only limited to quantum confidential communication related equipment and systems, and other daily necessities such as soap, insole, tea cup, etc. have nothing to do with quantum technology. At present, only quantum communication technology is the closest to practicality, but it is still far from reaching the point of "flying into the homes of ordinary people". The current users are mainly governments, military, financial institutions, etc. It will take at least 10 to 15 years for ordinary people to use quantum communication. In addition, although there are many possible quantum effects in life phenomena when the conditions for cleaning and lubrication are met, such as biological navigation and photosynthesis, these phenomena are too macro, so it is very difficult to experiment with quantum phenomena in life activities, let alone apply them to conventional medicine. But in any case, I still have to admire the swindlers' sensitive sense of "high technology". They have not fallen behind in every rise of new technology. Remember the nucleic acid drinks, nano products and gene therapy instruments in those years

scientific research innovation has given birth to many new products, but "new" is not necessarily innovation, which requires calm analysis. We should encourage, advocate and embrace innovation, and pay special attention to maintaining innovation. This maintenance is to eliminate the false fire, tear off the veil and expose the truth. The rise and development of each new technology does not happen overnight. In the early stage, a lot of human and material resources need to be invested, and then the market needs to be cultivated slowly. These pseudo innovations and pseudo concepts pretend to be science, and compete with science and technology in the real sense for limited scientific and technological investment. Various deceptions and chaos are also disrupting the market, and consuming the public's favor and curiosity about "new technology"

I would like to remind the masses who pay attention to quantum science that any science is strict and just, such as HTC one X and Sony Xperia s in the past. Our ignorance of science does not mean that we are ignorant! Real science is rigorous. In the face of those "extremely empty" statements, don't be credulous, let alone spread them! We should guard against and expose these false innovations and false concepts using professional terms, and we should not let them smash the brand of "new technology"

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